Your Terrible Karma Is In The Cards

Everyone who aligned against, disrespected, bullied me,
committed hubris, abused a Goddess, will pay.
Enjoy your time.

Thank your devil debtors, which satanic groups lead the way to your downfall?
PS: Oh I almost forgot, if you want a sneak preview of evidence a Gossip Girl boy has it, the one connected to all the East Side Middle School girls. I think what I sent him might make me and Julia Fox even. Via: Red Fairy Tarot

Jo Wood Is Queen

Honestly, this is where Ronnie Wood messed up, letting Jo Wood go. He got his karma when that stripper he left her for beat on him. Jo is the only person to overtly stand up for me and to Mick Jagger. No wonder he wasn’t in their wedding. I will continue to protect her, children included. While I will one hundred percent be dragging not as hot, or iconic but two faced, complicit with racism, rape, stalking and murder Sally Wood, call it like I see it. You got me fucked up, they don’t make shows about bitchy English people (is that what she is? I honestly don’t know) the way they do about those on the Upper East Side that’s on Gossip Girl, Cruel Intentions and The Nanny (CC Babock henny). We are easily the most wrathful people to exist, hands down. And I won’t just be hanging with anyone, it’s called exclusive, standards, stars not spectacles and definitely no basic-whites (white people who think they’re cool, but they aren’t, you’re a dime a dozen, not unique, probably don’t have cool black, or colored friends cause we don’t just hang with anyone, boring, not interesting, cruel because of it). Jo Wood is a party icon, model, photographer, never forget it. Via: Disclosure_Team, Muses Podcast & Groupies Outrageously Gorgeous

New Yorkers Who Will Curse You Out

1. 50 Cent– Now this list is in NO particular order because I couldn’t rank em, everyone here is quick to the draw. Hell hath no fury like a New Yorkers tongue when irate, anybody can get cursed out, deadass. Curtis Jackson can’t go three days without coming for someone. He singlehandedly ruined Ja Rule’s career and continues to antagonize him to this day. After the Fyre Festival footage -it’s not fraud, we just didn’t tell the truth- it’s hard to blame him and the last thing you wanna do is owe this nigga money; he will publicly behead you for all the world to see, just ask Randell Emmett and Tierra Marie. What I wanna know is when, where and how was he dispensing these loans? One day I woke up and 100 people owed him money by Monday. Don’t come for him unless he sends for you, he has no problem being petty and he will do it in public setting.

2. Nicki Minaj- She’ll drag you at a fashion event, an award show, in a rap song, on social media and at the Real Housewives Of Potomac reunion. With Miss Minaj anybody can get the business anywhere including the entire secret Grammy committee. Long story short she doesn’t give a fuck and while I was dubious about her taking Andy’s spot that preview got me sipping tea henny. Andy Cohen is messy for this one and I quote “I can’t take sides, but you can. Say what you feel.” I swear this man is just chef’s kiss. Never forget her asking Miley what’s good, be grateful her beefs with Lil Kim, Remy Ma and Cardi B are over and be aware that if she don’t got time she’ll make it to read you.

3. The Real Housewives Of New York City- Speaking of housewives no franchise comes close to the curse out of this cast, an accurate depiction of New Yorkers. Unlike their Beverly Hills counterpart nobody is beating around the bush when matters get legal. Luann couldn’t even slip out of a pair of handcuffs and abuse the cops without commentary, mind you she was pushed over the edge by rake Tom D’agostino for whom she sacrificed her title. I do not think she’s an alcoholic she had a mental breakdown, rightfully so! I digress. When it comes to beheading Bethenny Frankel is QUEEN: talk about it, go to sleep, village idiot, her confessionals, noted, Ramona Singer, honestly everyone’s gotten it from this one. Next would be Dorinda Medley, bring her back! Clip, when she’s drunk stay out of her line of sight, especially if you’re Sonja Morgan. She’s the most gangster housewife even when she’s making it nice. Rounding it out is Luann even Louis Vuitton makes mistakes , Sonja, then Ramona with Leah not far behind.
Unlike other housewives they said what they meant and meant what they said, are even willing to double down on it, what about it bitch…?

4. Cam’ron– Aka Killa Cam, much like Curtis he cannot get through a week without cursing someone out, usually with photo evidence such as dirt on the toilet seat. He ain’t afraid to at you and he will pull up on your block. Harlem World. The only time he will remain silent, as he informed Anderson Cooper in one of my favorite interviews of all time, is if you’re a serial killer. In that case no snitching, he won’t call the cops if the killer lives next door, but he will move out. I fucking love Dipset. Iconic like this look.

5. Judge Judy- This woman needs NO introduction she was the highest paid television personality for decades due to her analogies, metaphors and similes. Don’t piss on her leg and tell her it’s raining. Does it look like she was born yesterday? In her courthouse, you never know who is going to get cursed out, or when. All you know is nobody is safe except the bailiff, not the plaintiff, not the defendant, and certainly not the silent witness waiting to be called on. Her rulings are final and based on emotions. I’ve seen her totally rule in favor of the wrong party, just because it’s what she felt in her soul. Don’t rub her the wrong way, she’ll dismiss your case, add money to the claim, scream at you, then kick you the hell out. Overall I’ve actually learned a lot from her tbh. Never change Judge Judy, may everyone who stands before cower in fear of the unknown.

6. Cardi B- Be it Nicki Minaj, the government, Offset, the cops arresting Offset, her fans, everyone on twitter, Republicans and Republicoons alike, Cardi B gonna give it to you Okurrrr. Please note if you have beef with her it’s forever. Pulling up isn’t a problem, she will leave with a lump on her head and a missing shoe, but she gonna say what she gotta say. Period. She is a member of the Bloods, meaning she’s not only about her bag, but about that life.

7. Gossip Girl- The original version thanks. Yes they’re fictional, but they represent surviving New York schooling so well in terms of social scheming. That signature toughness starts somewhere and no one seeks vengeance like an Upper East Sider, we aren’t afraid of warfare, collateral damage and will turn if you betray us. Chuck, Blair, Nate, Serena and Lily who put her sister in jail never looking back, are tops when it comes to slaying someone verbally. It be’s like that. Being a punk is seen as weakness, if someone steps to you handle it. Real talk Blair Waldorf beats everybody else obvy.

Long story short New Yorkers, especially natives will curse you out in the blink of an eye ask any tourist, google any subway fight, come visit and piss someone off. You don’t wanna play with us deadass we’ll bring the smoke. Which one is your spirit animal? Who did I miss? Via: 50 Cents Official, Nicki Minaj Clips, Bravo Obsessed UK, Bistro Radio, Judge Judy Sheindlin, CairdiB & Gossip Girll

Reflecting On Genc Jakupi

Post writing that article I felt healed and want to say I forgive Genc Jakupi. I too know what it feels like to betrayed by blood. Who I am now isn’t who I was then, I’ve found my voice to speak the truth. I was so busy protecting his bond with his brother I never expressed myself. Revisiting that time period reminded me of how almost everybody was out to get me and Genc protected me, he started making changes for the betterment for me.

Another facet to Albanian culture is the eldest son is king. His brother is older, he owes him everything. He set up a life for Genc when he left a war torn country. He then turned him against someone he loved deeply enough to attempt changes. I was written up once in my life and Genc fired her. Without all the other variables he actually took care of me, which is why I stayed. We did have true love at one point. We were also telepathic. Suddenly I regret nothing. It wouldn’t be fair to color him one way, it wasn’t all he was, not to me. His brother can rot in hell. Twice in my life have I felt a chill exude from a human being and he was one of them. Only me and Ariel saw his true evil soul. When I met Genc I didn’t even believe in love anymore. At all, I credit him for that, for opening my heart chakra.

His brother was Bart Bass. Period. Genc was becoming nicer due to love, his brother didn’t like that. Thank you Genc for choosing to evolve and protecting me. May you find peace. Unless I can punch Binn in the back of his head, the top left corner, I could never even be cordial with him. He made me miserable! Have you ever been betrayed by a sibling? Via: Black Book

The Original Blair W.

Blair Warner ran so Blair Waldorf could walk. Do not forget about the original rich bitch from New York City. Both were intelligent schemers, as Warners catch phrase was “I just had another one of my brilliant ideas”, both were nosy, both had a plebeian nemesis (Jo for Warner, Vanessa for Waldorf), neither took shit from anyone and both loved super hard underneath their icy exteriors. Name the shows these queens belonged to. Via: It’s An 80s Thing & 1 Blair Waldorf 1