This Is Actually Paris

Paris Hilton is a white supremacist bully, better suited by Hitler’s side in the Third Reich. Completing her Aryan allegiance by covering her brown eyes with blue lenses, the way he prefers it. A former fan, I admired her rockstar persona of not giving a fuck, only to find it was really white entitlement. Unlike her protégé Kim, she stayed in her lane and didn’t appropriate the bodies of black women, which was appreciated. The two however are alike in their pernicious, fame hungry, famous for doing nothing, attention seeking antics, amongst other things.

After calling out the Kardashian-Jenner West klans unsolicited bullying, she doubled down on this behavior by siding with someone she shit talked for years. Kim was the help who massaged her feet and when she finally rose above, Paris commented that her ass looked like cottage cheese in a trash bag. Desperately wanting not to be forgotten, she couldn’t beat her, so she joined her.

After that toxic bitch got involved in my business, because she’s a lonely, miserable, immoral thing, I noticed the comments of her being a racist and homophobe under her This Is Paris documentary photos. I’d never heard such a thing, but my mystery solving ass (all those damn Nancy Drew books) needed answers. So I Googled it. Turns out the reason I never knew was due to her people scrubbing the internet. Still, remnants remained.

Nobody was safe not Jewish people, not black people, not gay people, not the women sexually assaulted by Trump (who she accused of seeking attention), nobody.

The fact that she covered her tracks, rather than modifying her behavior is a testament to how nefarious she is. She’s dedicated to her white is right beliefs. Bet she voted for Trump again, because “he’s a nice man.”

Here are some links (I screenshot the articles just in case) displaying her true nature. A grown woman, masquerading as an ally to all people, a victim with trust issues so deep she seeks solace in animals. Here’s a thought, you get what you give; that’s why you attract toxicity, because you’re a horrible person. Via: Allure Magazine

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