RHOP Season 7 Episode 9 Is Epic

The last 23 minutes of season 7 episode 9 is pure, unfiltered art. Hands down one of the best episodes to ever air, possibly the best. It was just hit, after hit, after hit. I don’t even know where to begin: Robyn playing Candiace recording dissing everyone, Candiace lying that she never said Karen had an affair, Karen’s speech before storming off, Gizelle collecting rain water, Ashley coming through as Michael Darby’s wife (telling Karen Candiace said she’s cheating, recording the Uber drive from the bar), Candiace coming for Mia’s friend, Mia, Wendy showing up knowing damn well Mia don’t want her there, the editors montage after Karen announced she was leaving after one drink…4 hours later. This is hands down the best season ever, EVER! Thank you Potomac for always understanding the assignment. C’est magnifique. I literally watched the last 23 minutes twice, stunned. Top tier television. Lies, shade, secrets. Via: Housewives Tingz

A Classic Housewives Moment

Y’all play too much. I can not. The Bravo fan pages not about shit, like honestly this is one of the most iconic moments in housewives history. When Aviva Drescher, cousin of the Fran Drescher, threw her leg on that table. Everyone’s reaction. Luann’s reaction, mind you she was a friend of that season, bringing grade A drama. The performance was top tier. Please Google this moment. Via: BravooOMag

Dorinda Medley’s X-Mas Tree

First, let me start off by saying I have a LOT to say about the housewives this week, I’ll space it out daily as not to overwhelm. I’ll start with Dorinda Medley’s Christmas tree at The Blue Stone Manor this year, she made it nice and unique. I’ve been inspired to now do a curation of my favorite trees! Dorinda you are deeply missed. My thoughts on the NYC branch will come later this week. Hard truths need to be told. Are you into it, or no? Via: Dorinda Medley

A Promising Week

Just starting the week off with some positivity. This year has been rough for everyone in one way or another, we all took hard knocks in some area. I’m almost traumatized to get excited for 2021 which is just around the corner, but the only way to go is up. Thanks to Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City I am hopeful. What are you grateful for today? I would say my relationship with god. People act like they about that source life, but not really about that source life (you align with money over humans, you align with oppression, you align with rape culture, you align with hatred, you align with willful ignorance, you align with racism, you align with deceit…). Through god I have received miracles beyond my wildest dreams, I am eternally humbled. Your turn. Via: Advocating Mental Health