The Real Housewives Reckoning…

Has yet to come babies. It’s really what I’m going to do to them. I spy with my Goddess eye, three basic bitches who are clout chasing white supremacists, that support domestic violence, sex trafficking, racism and Satan. I paper trailed you idiots. I’m going to ruin your lives, don’t forget Cynthia Bailey’s. I’m going to enjoy doing it too. You need to learn your nobody places. Your kids are your problem, you should have thought of them when you were being hateful. I don’t give a fuck about any of you. At the right time I’m going to start uploading your evidence. Know you places nobody bitches, Garcelle barely had a career until Housewives of Beverly Hills resurrected it. She’s an disgrace to Haitians, the first people to free ourselves from slavery.
Enjoy your time, Sutton the constipated crab and Crystal the innovator Minkoff, I didn’t know saggy diaper was a face shape until you appeared. All of them go, or everyone goes. Try me, you’re already seeing it. Xoxo Athena. Via: Entertainment Tonight

Bringing Everyone Back To Reality

One, she’s not a supermodel. Never was. Never will be. Whoever approved that Harper’s Bazaar shoot should be fired.
Two, she’s not in the same league, class, or on the same level as Naomi Campbell. Girl is delusional. Delusional. Whatever role it was did nothing for Cynthia Barely I mean Bailey’s career. The former can spend the latter’s net worth in a day, sans blinking an eye.

This is what I’m talking about. The gatekeepers and guardians have fucked up, lowered their standards for click bait, and let the deluded reign. Anyone can just say anything. Not in my age, the Athenian age. No, no, no this will no longer do. Mediocrity and lies, throw everyone involved away. Modeling is an art, you’re telling a story with your body, with your face. Time to bring everyone back to reality, especially the Nepo Babies, y’all don’t have it. These are the worst models to ever to exist. I don’t care who your mama is, you don’t have the talent. You didn’t earn it. We don’t want to see you. Sick of being forced to tolerate them. Via: Meaww

Final Cast List: Real Housewives Of Atlanta



Girl carrying tray.

Nene Leakes is an icon, don’t you forget it. Her memes, taglines, iconic phrases and facial expressions, her personality, beefs, storylines, and forays into areas beyond Housewives are timeless. Cynthia Bailey’s years as a housewife are like her modeling career, lackluster. Was it really modeling? It’s giving mid-tier commercial sweetie.
There are levels to this and you aren’t on Nene’s. You aren’t a pillar of the franchise, but you’re definitely an Uncle Tom. Bravo’s reboot needs to work, because thanks to Garcelle, Crystal & Sutton (pretty much everyone minus Dorit Kemsley), Beverly Hills is going to need it. The evidence is chef’s kiss. Shame. Shame. Shame. Nothing can justify your actions, but you got the right oneeeeeeeee. Via: MogulMagUk, Reality Chat & The Peach Report