Bringing Everyone Back To Reality

One, she’s not a supermodel. Never was. Never will be. Whoever approved that Harper’s Bazaar shoot should be fired.
Two, she’s not in the same league, class, or on the same level as Naomi Campbell. Girl is delusional. Delusional. Whatever role it was did nothing for Cynthia Barely I mean Bailey’s career. The former can spend the latter’s net worth in a day, sans blinking an eye.

This is what I’m talking about. The gatekeepers and guardians have fucked up, lowered their standards for click bait, and let the deluded reign. Anyone can just say anything. Not in my age, the Athenian age. No, no, no this will no longer do. Mediocrity and lies, throw everyone involved away. Modeling is an art, you’re telling a story with your body, with your face. Time to bring everyone back to reality, especially the Nepo Babies, y’all don’t have it. These are the worst models to ever to exist. I don’t care who your mama is, you don’t have the talent. You didn’t earn it. We don’t want to see you. Sick of being forced to tolerate them. Via: Meaww

Cynthia Bailey Gives Us Nothing Always

Having cheekbones is a pre-requisite of being a model, sorry not sorry, Cynthia Bailey doesn’t get points for that. Not only is she bad at being a housewife with her boring ass, she’s a horrific model. I’m being nicer than the model agents I grew up with, trust henny. Whatever it is, you don’t have it, not for modeling, not for television. Everything about you is mid, mediocre.

Look at Naomi, look at you. That’s why she’s a supermodel and you’re commercial at best.
What the fuck are you actually doing? You’re not serving face. You’re not giving body. I don’t know why you woke up that day. You gave us nothing. As usual. Then you carried this delusion. You didn’t think it odd Naomi & Kate Moss, long time friends of Mick Jagger, weren’t at his party, but you got an invite…You and Sutton Stracke, who haven’t given an iconic moment and can’t if your lives depended on it, were invited. That should show you how low the bar was set, this man has clearly fallen from grace. A prelude to me exposing you bitches. You will always be the joke you are. PS YOU NEPO BABY BITCHES LOOK LIKE CYNTHIA, I WILL NO LONGER TOLERATE MEDIOCRITY. I’M GONNA START DOING SIDE BY SIDES. Via: Vogue & Harper’s Bazaar