Irina, Bradley And Gigi Are Liars

In the last few days it’s been reported that supermodel Irina Shayk, Bradley Cooper’s baby mama, is upset about him dating nepo-baby Gigi Hadid. Except on October 12th of this very same month, you guys told us Irina set you up. Which one is it? All I see is a bunch of pick me for attention bitches. Spectacles, not stars, as Cindy Adams would say. All of you are boring and no one cares.
Irina & Bradley having actual talent and going along with this, you’re both herbs. Desperate herbs. Yawn. So happy I grew up watching stars, that’s why I am one. Manufactured drama is so lame, the by product of boring, uninteresting lives and people. None of you can sit here. This is why I’m going to be the most trusted source. Didn’t I tell you they report what they’re paid, or not paid to cover, which are false narratives. The lies. The attention seeking. That satanic, talentless, boring family (Kardashian Jenner West), even have talented people on their lie, cheat, steal bullshit. This is the land of smoke and mirrors people, image is everything. Be a critical thinker, not a sheep. Pay attention. Athena. Via: Radar Online & EtalkCTV