Melanie Hamrick’s Math Ain’t Mathing

I lied, ruining Mick Jagger’s life and humiliating him is my favorite. You hang with ugly ratty bitches, who murder, stalk and rape, you get treated like it. L’wren Scott is pictured above with designer Prabal Gurung, as she was successful, well connected. Yet raggedy, ratty Melanie with her nobody friends swept him off his feet? Bitch where? One thing about L’wren, Mick never had bitches embarrass her the way Noor, myself, and the Brazilian girl do you. He’s not attracted to you is why, you rapist, holding him hostage. Not one person claimed L’wren was lying, that he was dating them instead.

Mick doesn’t remember how he met her (read Why Ronnie Woods Family Is My Favorite), black magic victims have memory lapses. She has three different accounts of meeting Mick, because she can’t keep up with her rapist, satanic lies, read How Melanie Hamrick “Met” Mick. Further proved by the article below where it’s said no one knows if Mick even saw her perform.

Had he saw her perform, she’d be what she always is: a background dancer. Never the star, but you caught an international icons attention, with your uneven face and no body…that works for idiots, not a Goddess. You keep paying people to write you’re glamorous and beautiful, yet you can’t get a man without black magic. You’re ugly is why. The content on your mentally unstable ass is endless. I need to update Melanie Hamrick’s Criminal Directory. The devil always comes to collect Raggedy Anne. Enjoy prison, don’t think of killing yourself (the way your soul sell did L’wren), you’ll only go to hell earlier. Either way you lose. Thanks for falling for the set up ugly bitch, I’m richer than Mick now and beautiful, he can take his draining ass on. He needs me, I don’t need or want him. Via: L’wren.Scott Insta & Daily Mail