The Three Racketeers: Murdoch, Bragg & Hall

Where did Melanie ugly af Hamrick, get the idea to pay Manhattan D.A Alvin Bragg? To cover up the murder of L’wren Scott and rape of Mick Jagger? Idiots one and two: Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall, the hypocritical hick (read Melanie Hamrick Is Hollywood’s Downfall). If you’ll recall, Alvin Bragg wasn’t going to prosecute Donald Trump. Even though he lied during his campaign saying he’d do exactly that, Bragg will say anything to win (read Alvin Bragg Lives In Sue City). He doesn’t mean it, he’s corrupt and finally met his maker in a Goddess. I’ve used my social media as well as this blog, to paper trail the shit out of everyone for legal purposes. You’re seeing my work unfold.

Below you’ll find the sequence of events in pictures.
Reneging on his platform of justice, Alvin Bragg decided he wasn’t going to prosecute Trump on March 24th 2022. Suspending the investigation indefinitely.

I found this suspicious as the Attorney General of New York, Letitia James, found more than enough evidence to charge Trump. On April 4th 2022, I voiced my racketeering concerns. Stating Murdoch had something to do with this.

On April 7th 2022, exactly three days after my article, Alvin Bragg charged Trump, to avoid racketeering charges. As Alvin Bragg, Jerry Hall and Rupert Murdoch are the common denominators in Trump’s case and mine, with Melanie the rapist murderer. Murdoch who backed Trump, along with then wife Jerry Hall, told Melanie uggo Hamrick that Bragg could be paid to obstruct justice. They knew from experience. While it’s “cute” that this Humpty Dumpty idiot, looks like a historical superhero, he’s actually just a corrupt politician covering his ass. He ain’t no hero, he’s an Uncle Tom who got caught. Then had the nerve to retaliate with Rat Soup. That article is coming.
I got Trump indicted, thanks to Melanie bum bitch Hamrick. He tapped my phone for the Kardashian Jenner West family and I don’t play like that. That story is coming too. I’m not a bitch to try. I’m a Goddess, everything works in my favor, y’all finna catch these fades. PERIOD.

Jerry Hall pretends she did it for her family, who Melanie planned to kill, but she’s in love with Mick. She’s a jealous bimbo, who played Murdoch for his resources. Jealous that Mick respected L’wren and me, more than her, because she’s a clown who doesn’t respect herself. You ain’t on the album bitch, I am. Raggedy Anne doesn’t like any of you, but you’re all racists so the math is mathing. Jerry is the definition of pathetic. Proof that with age doesn’t always come wisdom. Also you’re the company you keep, she’s dumb and made Murdoch the same. Over a mentally unstable loser, who aint worth shit. Cc my attorney, add RICO charges to that ugly bitch Melanie’s record. Weirdo. Mick’s too. Via: Fox News, Daily Mail & Saint Twenty

Alvin Bragg Lives In Sue City

Ruining Alvin Bragg’s life is simply me returning the energy he gave. Thanks to these very articles containing evidence of his racial profiling and calling him out publicly, Bragg is being sued. He doesn’t have Tali Farhadian Weinstein money, he’ll go broke with all these lawsuits. My attorney isn’t corrupt, because she’s a billionaire, something Broke Bragg weaponized against her to become the Manhattan District Attorney. Jealous of her wealth, he used the coveted position for his financial gain, endeavoring to reach her monetary status. Engaging in bribes to press charges against innocent people of color, along with raising the bail and pocketing the difference, amongst other things.
As I stated in Alvin Bragg Has Malicious Intent, “Bragg has a history of racial profiling. Black people, stereotyping the Asian community, arresting Jose Alba for defending himself, yet needing protest to arrest Daniel Penny. A white a man who wasn’t under attacked, but killed a black man.”

Alvin Bragg arrested me using false evidence to cover up the murder of L’wren Scott, on behalf of Melanie uggo Hamrick the rapist. He got paid to, believing I’d take the plea deal. Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall told Melanie to go to him (read Alvin Bragg Is A Felon). If that weren’t bad enough, the prosecutor throughout my seven months in and out of court, isn’t a licensed attorney in New York. Illegal. You aren’t allowed to practice law, let alone prosecute on behalf of the state without a license. I’ll be posting that along with Rupert and Jerry racketeering in another article.

I sent everything to Kathy Hochul, the governor, to remove him and replace him with Tali Farhadian Weinstein. She refused, because she’s corrupt too, along with Mayor Eric Adams.
Hochul recently used tax payers money for a trip to Israel she had no business going on. Which is why her father passed as soon as she touched sacred land. You’re aligned with the devil and made a mockery. You aren’t the President, stay in your lane. PS: I paper trailed you (read Kathy Hochul The Con Artist).

Thanks to Hochul’s negligence, her partner in crime continued his white supremacist agenda, targeting actor Jonathan Majors. Attempting to set him up, and refusing to press charges against his white ex-girlfriend, who assaulted him. Majors like myself, had a restraining order against him from a lying white woman, granted by the same judge.
My amassed evidence has allowed justice to be served for others. Below is Jose Alba, a Hispanic senior citizen, who was arrested after being stabbed and defending himself. Protest were used to get Bragg to arrest Daniel Penny, protest were used to free innocent Alba.
You’ll also find two out of forty pages of Alba’s racial discrimination complaint. Displaying Bragg’s duplicitous ways. He’ll lie, cheat, and steal to win.

Bragg clearly states he’ll end racial injustice, only to instigate it by setting up Korean eatery Gammeeok. I worked there, as payback for getting him to indict Donald Trump he orchestrated the international rat soup scandal. Perpetuating stereotypes against the Asian community that they’ll eat anything, rat, dog, pigeon…viewing Asians as other. Ruining the reputation of an authentic establishment that’s been around for over 30 years, taking money out of hardworking employees pockets. All to target an innocent black person you tried to wrongfully incarcerate. Under Hochul and Braggs administration- if you aren’t white, you aren’t right. Too bad you didn’t read my articles, or you would have known what I am. That you weren’t going to win, Broke Bragg. Via: PD Soros, Daily Mail & Fox News

Melanie Hamrick’s Math Ain’t Mathing

I lied, ruining Mick Jagger’s life and humiliating him is my favorite. You hang with ugly ratty bitches, who murder, stalk and rape, you get treated like it. L’wren Scott is pictured above with designer Prabal Gurung, as she was successful, well connected. Yet raggedy, ratty Melanie with her nobody friends swept him off his feet? Bitch where? One thing about L’wren, Mick never had bitches embarrass her the way Noor, myself, and the Brazilian girl do you. He’s not attracted to you is why, you rapist, holding him hostage. Not one person claimed L’wren was lying, that he was dating them instead.

Mick doesn’t remember how he met her (read Why Ronnie Woods Family Is My Favorite), black magic victims have memory lapses. She has three different accounts of meeting Mick, because she can’t keep up with her rapist, satanic lies, read How Melanie Hamrick “Met” Mick. Further proved by the article below where it’s said no one knows if Mick even saw her perform.

Had he saw her perform, she’d be what she always is: a background dancer. Never the star, but you caught an international icons attention, with your uneven face and no body…that works for idiots, not a Goddess. You keep paying people to write you’re glamorous and beautiful, yet you can’t get a man without black magic. You’re ugly is why. The content on your mentally unstable ass is endless. I need to update Melanie Hamrick’s Criminal Directory. The devil always comes to collect Raggedy Anne. Enjoy prison, don’t think of killing yourself (the way your soul sell did L’wren), you’ll only go to hell earlier. Either way you lose. Thanks for falling for the set up ugly bitch, I’m richer than Mick now and beautiful, he can take his draining ass on. He needs me, I don’t need or want him. Via: L’wren.Scott Insta & Daily Mail

Vanity Fair Keep The Same Energy

Idiots are always like, why are people, coming forward now? It happened twenty years ago. Gee I don’t know brainless asshole, could it be that powerful people and organizations paid them not to. Duh. Now they’re safe to finally get justice. Vanity Fair reports what they’re paid to, or paid not to. Period. They knew Melanie uggo Hamrick was lying and still published. Y’all wonder why the world is ending, thinking I’m going to save you all. Naw a lot of you can’t come. Keep the same energy with things that matter. Journalistic integrity has greatly deteriorated. This publication is part of it. You disrespected me, a Goddess, so I’m coming for you. Here’s a hint: I don’t lose.Via: Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich

Melanie Hamrick’s Boat Don’t Float

Mick Jagger is a smart, smart man. He was not finna let Melanie uggo Hamrick get on Leonardo DiCaprio’s boat and embarrass him. Imagine her standing next to Arabella Chi. Arabella was there. I’m in tears at these side by sides. In the words of Willam from RuPaul’s Drag Race, “Your boat ugly, that boat don’t float.” Melanie the stalker, rapist, murderer, is the boat in this case. She only looks mildly attractive standing next to old men and Sally Wood. Those bitches dusty. She couldn’t stand next to me, Noor, L’wren Scott, his Brazilian girlfriend, Jerry Hall still hotter than her, I mean the list goes on.

I would kick those kids out of my will too if they thought this was the best I could do and I’m Mick Fucking Jagger. He gave y’all everything, including access to opportunity. Y’all don’t love or respect him. Neither do the fake fans or fake friends, anyone who thought he would choose her is a fucking poserrrr. You don’t know Mick, that’s why I’m the Hackney Diamond cover. It’s an insult to his wealth and everything he’s built. Melanie you sold you soul to still not be one of the beautiful people. You should have spent that child support on surgery, too late now, you won’t need it since you’re prison bound. Wow satan really played you, I’ll donate hairbrushes for that rats nest wherever you’re going. Via: Daily Mail, Force1Mgmt, Nature Public Uk, Babez_World_Wide,

Melanie Hamrick Can’t Hang With DiCaprio

Melanie uggo Hamrick is so desperate, she pretends on one of her millions of troll accounts, that she is indeed the mystery brunette with Mick Jagger. Displaying her mental instability and plethora of lies. She goes on about being young and beautiful in her delusional articles people are paid to publish, yet she can’t get a man. Meanwhile Jo Wood, a senior citizen, has a hot younger boyfriend. Jo has always been pretty. Melanie on the other hand can’t get anyone else, she’s ugly. That’s why she’s holding her rape victim hostage, with an unwanted devil baby (Dev, she named him that for a reason, allegiance with how she got him- satanic soul sell). Mick would never choose her (read Single White FeMel(anie Hamrick). That’s why he always has a real girlfriend, Noor, me (his only fiancé), now this Brazilian girl.

Leonardo DiCaprio is just as superficial as Mick, only hangs with hot people. Which is why he wouldn’t allow deformed face Melanie on his boat this summer. What does Mick do? Bring his real girlfriend. Someone who looks good standing next to other attractive women, not just old men. Someone who won’t humiliate him in front of his boys, by lack of pulchritude. The one he followed randomly TWO YEARS AGO (read Melanie Hamrick Is NEVER Mick’s GF). Yet, here’s Melanie on a fan page under fake account Anna Maria Grassani (read Melanie Hamrick As Anna Maria Grassani), pretending to be his Brazilian boo. I screenshot this September 25th 2023.

As you can see she comments: Mick e Melanie. Like the weirdo loser she was born to be. Do note I was wrong in my response, he does mention her in Angry, reciting “I’m in a desperate state.” Melanie murdering L’wren Scott, whom he loved, forcing her way in his life with black magic and an unwanted murder rape baby, is the state he’s talking about. He hates her so much he kicked his kids out of his will for ruining our relationship, then supporting the person who planned on killing them all.
You’re so gorgeous Mel, why no new boyfriend? Why rape an old man as your third sexual experience? You’re a clown. You aren’t attractive or talented, but somehow entitled. As you can see this pretty face isn’t Melanie the stalker.

When do the lies stop with this mentally unstable nobody? You’re ugly, embarrassing, broke, the source of his despair, going to jail before hell. As you earned (read Melanie Hamrick’s Criminal Directory). L’wren, Noor, myself, would have been on that outing. As would all the other women Mick consented to. Your mom like everyone else is realizing, you’re the monkey. You circus freak. Thanks for making me wealthy, enjoy prison. Via: Daily Mail

Melanie Hamrick Obsessed With L’wren Scott

Raggedy Anne aka Melanie deformed face Hamrick, keeps going. Before I post her ugly ass trying to copy me, let’s go back to her still trying to be L’wren Scott. Melanie thinks if she’s L’wren, or me, Mick Jagger– her rape victim, will love her. You sold your soul to the devil to still be an unattractive, mentally unstable loser. You can’t be us, because we’re beautiful, chosen by Mick. You however, used black magic to rape an old man, murder his lover, and force a murder rape baby on him. For his fortune, fame, and to use blood magic on Mick for your bidding.
He played you again, putting sexy, gorgeous me on the Diamond Hackney album cover. You aren’t Stones material, that’s why you forced your way in. Yet Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, nor Patti Hansen affiliate with you, or your murder rape baby (read People Who Don’t Like Melanie Hamrick). For the first time in history Keith doesn’t hangout with Mick and his “chick.” Yet they’ve vacationed with the Woods. You aren’t Glimmer Twins approved. This is why Mick wouldn’t let me go, because I know him best and he’s vain.

The only reason he pretended through this was to distract everyone from their legal drama and to spite me. On my main account Itsjqboo, I pointed out how miserable he was at the airport with her. Despite his best endeavors, he still slipped up. Body language people, him and L’wren are enmeshed, while he doesn’t even have his arm around Melanie in the above pictures. It’s in his pocket. Mick will do anything not to have custody of that murder rape baby, because he doesn’t want him and never wanted her. I asked him to get custody so we, Mick & I, would raise him, but he didn’t want to. Imagine having to pay your rapist, especially when she’s an ugly, mentally unstable parasite, who contributes nothing to your legacy (like those idiot kids), except ruining it. She gave me the idea to jail everyone. He can only tolerate that boy in doses.
He also made it clear he didn’t propose to you (read Good Riddance Mick Jagger and Melanie Hamrick’s Criminal Directory). She purchased that ring, like she did that house, then paid to have those stories published. Also to even out her deformed features she makes the eyeliner on one side of her face longer than the other. She creeps me out. The red dress. The same nail color. You’re vile.

Mick would never pick you, that’s why you tried to have my evidence removed. You’re below plain, that’s why you don’t have any other powerful male connections, or suitors like the rest of us. You’re an unattractive, talentless, uncool, no style, no body, nobody joke. Enjoy your time, the devil always comes to collect and he’s come for you and those aligned clown. Don’t ever think there’s competition, you’re a black magic rapist murderer. I’m a gorgeous goddess. Via: Daily Mail

Rolling Stones Women De-Evolution

The Rolling Stones went from having the most beautiful, stylish, cool, influential women, to nobody bitches, who need to brush their hair and only look good standing next to old men.
Nobody wants to be, or bone Sally Stubby Wood and Melanie uggo Hamrick- the stalker, murderer, rapist. I was their redemption. I feel bad leaving Patti Hansen by herself, the only bad bitch they have now. What a fucking fall from grace. From Marianne Faithfull & Anita Pallenberg to this? Two raggedy Anne Karen’s? I’m doing them a favor by calling it, before they embarrass themselves any further. Where’s the lie? Via: W Magazine & Daily Mail

Noor Alfallah Vs. Melanie Hamrick

Last name Anne, first name Raggedy. That’s who Melanie Hamrick is and will always be. It’s just funny how her and Mick Jagger have been girlfriend and boyfriend for almost ten years, when the reality is you black magic murdered L’wren Scott after stalking her, then black magic raped an old man. He’s your second or third sexual experience and you raped him.
Melanie with her uneven face and no talent, then proceeds to blab so many lies to the press she pays, her stories don’t add up. If you were on the instagram page for this blog saint_twenty, you’d have seen my post regarding the discrepancies in her multiple engagement stories. I mean how many times is she gonna run that lie? She purchased that ring herself and I doubt it’s real, like her relationship. Embarrassing.

Now that you know how the media works, which is fuck credibility or journalistic integrity, we’ll publish whatever you pay us to say, let’s take a look at Noor Alfallah.
Recently to gaslight me, Melanie and Brenda that bitch, have pretended to be monogamous and solid since meeting in 2014. Funny how this Daily Mail article backs up everything I’ve been saying.
Photo 1: Melanie knows he’s seeing other women, fighting to make sure she’s his number one girlfriend and not just a baby mama.
Bitch, you’re lower than a baby mama, you’re a rapist, with a murder rape baby holding an old man hostage. Second of all, who the fuck are you bitch, to be sending warnings. Ain’t nobody scared of your raccoon eyed ass. You are not above L’wren, Noor or myself. The black glamour magic went your head, she thought she was actually beautiful. Side note: Sally Wood also is only attractive next to an old man and she’s fake af. Which is your friend Noor, or Melanie- your almost twin? Both of you need a hairbrush, you’re only slightly more attractive than her. Never forget it. Here she is as usual going along with whatever these two domestic abusers do. Spineless.
Photo 2: Mick as usual has multiple women, just like he does now. Which is why he made sure that engagement rumor was squashed. The article continues by saying Melanie is stronger than Jerry Hall, she gets angry, instead of crying…I’m sorry Jerry Hall who threatened to pull a gun on Janice Dickinson? Jerry Hall who fought Carla Bruni? Jerry Hall who had her own affair with millionaire Robert Sangster to punish Mick? Jerry who was chosen for her beauty and not a satanic soul sell, like the rest of us picked with consent, can have an affair. You on the other hand aren’t tougher than her and can’t find anybody else, because you’re ugly. That’s why you embarrass yourself by sticking with someone who doesn’t like you, set you up, and will do anything not to take custody of your unwanted child. Girl bye.
Photo 3: It literally says they’re in an open relationship, that he’s around due to your murder rape baby. That’s exactly why you had him, to hold him hostage when the glamour magic wore off and he dumped you. You still weren’t it, so you had a baby. Read: Melanie Hamrick The Rapist.
Photo 4: Mick is never going to marry Melanie. It literally says she accepts that he’s always going to have other women…enough said. L’wren who grew up Mormon actually did accept it, which is why your “affair” causing her to kill herself is one of your many lies. Read: How Melanie Hamrick “Met” Mick. You can’t keep your story straight and if that’s so, why did she leave him everything, rather than change her will? Lying bitch.
Photo 5: Just shows the lack of respect he has for you and the lack of respect you have for yourself. He dead picked Noor up at his birthday party, sounds familiar? Just like my writing ‘Happy Birthday’ on his insta. Seems like Mick gifts himself women every year.
Photo 6: Mick was in love with Noor, like he was with me. Melanie the the rapist holding him hostage is why he can’t find happiness. You know how many times he said he wish he met me first? Not only pertaining to her, but in general. PS this isn’t a grown up approach, you’re just a loser, who made a satanic deal and got tricked by the devil. Now you’re stuck. If you were beautiful you would have walked away like Noor, who fed up with competing with someone beneath her, left for a billionaire. That’s when Mick decided to lie and say they never dated, despite the evidence. Mick will tell you the sky is lime green on a cerulean day. That’s how pathological he is.

Noor is a million times hotter than Melanie, who isn’t attractive. That’s why she’s dated Clint Eastwood and got knocked up by Al Pacino. Everyone else is connected to other people, except Melanie. Buxom Noor, with her family money, social connections, beautiful face and body is so out of Raggedy Anne’s league it’s wild. Wild. Melanie name three niggas besides Mick, who are successful, that ever fucked with you? You’re a murderer, stalker, rapist, satanic, joke. You tell so many lies it’s insane. You’re mentally unstable though, so the math is mathing.
You can fool everyone else, but not a Goddess, nor most of the population. We have eyes. That’s why you still have no career, no influence, no following. Mick Jagger hiring a ghost writer to abuse me, because I dumped him, then having Rupert Murdoch -who I’ve done nothing to- help you, isn’t a career. You couldn’t even do it on your own, you can’t even do it with them. Thank you so much for being my blessing. Unlike you I don’t fight over men, period, especially an old nigga who disrespects me. Mick talking about he want me to toss his salad, he lucky I would kiss his mouth. He’s out of pocket. That’s for desperate girls like you. The fact that he even had Noor and I pitted against someone as lowly as you, is an insult to our beings. That’s why we left his ass and I’m putting you back in your place.
I will be enjoying wealth sans the baggage, or a child, while the psychopath family you forced your way into, has a downfall before the line perishes. All because of you. Enjoy your time. Clink clink. Now go sell those books and my house. Get to work, you owe me and my attorney. Who is Mick dating now? How many? Cause it ain’t you babe. Via: Daily Mail

Jerry Cheating:

Noor Vs Melanie:

Mick Jagger Love Poems

Love bombing: a form of psychological and emotional abuse that involves a person going above and beyond for you in an effort to manipulate you into a relationship them.
That’s how my relationship with Mick Jagger started, him romancing me, knowing that I worshipped him. He waxed poetic to me the same way he did Marsha Hunt (read Time Stamping Ronnie Wood), who sold those letters to his chagrin, when he failed to help her receive cancer treatment.Typical Mick. A total money obsessed, power hungry, controlling, callous, psychopath, asshole.
He also wrote love poems when he was trying to get back in my good graces. Michael is what I called him when we were in a relationship. I blocked him after copious chances of redemption. Naturally he got another number to message me on, which I titled Mick 2. He continued to emotionally and financially abuse me, under the guise of making amends. This is what he does, had I looked into his birth astrology I’d have seen the red flags of a Gemini, Leo, Taurus filled chart; a fucking mess.
Mick thought I was stupid, but I’ll save those messages of him expressing how he felt upon seeing me in 2016 at Miss Lily’s for later. He abuses women, because it’s a game to him. That’s why the almighty allowed an ugly, mentally unstable, satanist to ruin his life (read Melanie Hamrick’s Criminal Directory). You’re now reaping what you sow asshole. You won’t do this to anyone else. For a deeper understanding of satanic glamour magic watch The Love Witch on Peacock. Via: ItsJQBoo