Happy Birthday Prince

A total babe. Going to watch your The New Girl episode wishing I was getting scolded by you. Will subsequently be revisiting Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories as well. What’s your favorite Prince song? Bonus what do both aforementioned shows have in common regarding Prince? Via: Gangster Glxm

Why “Kiss” By Prince Is The Sexiest Video Ever

First of all he looks fine in a crop top, that showcases his toned arms and rock hard abs. Both him and the guitarist are styled to t in androgynous, gender fluid, glamour. This pair should be a Halloween costume.

Prince is so fine, so sexy, the guitarist can’t even keep it together. She’s literally biting her lip she’s so aroused.

Minute 2:35, when Prince does this dance that screams stamina. Is anyone else pregnant?

Taking the lead in the dance routine, like the rockstar he was. Raw animal magnetism, high alpha daddy vibes.

Words aren’t necessary. The epitome of sexy.