Melanie Hamrick Is NEVER Mick’s GF

I’m still taking the pills, and I’m off to BrazilAngry (Rolling Stones)

Anybody else would hear this one lyric from The Rolling Stones debut single Angry, and wouldn’t think twice about it. As Mick Jagger’s actual ex-fiancée, the person on the cover of Hackney Diamonds, the album’s muse (it’s about our shattered love), that one line played in my head on loop. It caught my attention immediately, immediately. After L’wren Scott showed me what happened to her, I told Mick. Ugly Melanie Hamrick planned on murdering all of the Jaggers, so her murder rape baby got the fortune. Which she’d control until he was 18 (read Melanie Hamrick Inherits NOTHING). I took her powers, stopping any more deaths. Mick wanted me to drop it, because he doesn’t want the boy. He hates Melanie, doesn’t remember how he met her, never considered her his gf, which is why everyone was surprised about the pregnancy (read Melanie Hamrick The Rapist). Imagine black magic murdering an old man’s lover, trying to be her, then raping him for child support money, because you’re ugly. You have no talent. He would never choose you. That’s why you copied Misty & Prince (read Misty Copeland Vs. Melanie Hamrick: The Difference), but it didn’t work. Misty Copeland is beautiful and talented, you’re not. That’s the story of Melanie Hamrick.
After I told him we got into another argument. He wasn’t going to take that murder rape baby by any means necessary, he doesn’t like him, because he doesn’t like her, calling her evil (read Single White FeMel(anie Hamrick)). Instead of listening to me, he started following this random girl. I looked at her Instagram for days, trying to catch something. Mick became unhappy with his inability to control me and was lining up replacements. Which was fine by me, except he wouldn’t give me my money back. I wanted him out of my life. He wanted me to do as he said, which is why I dumped his misogynistic ass.

Below, you’ll see our messages with me referencing her. Out of nowhere he started following her, for months.

‘That random girl’ was signed with Elite (but not a real model), and sitting on a beach in a Brazilian flag bikini. In 2021 she was 23 years old. Her on and off again boyfriend was a photographer. Initially I screenshot her profile, but along the way deleted it. I didn’t find any indication of a relationship, but knew he was unhappy and on the prowl. So when Mick referenced Brazil in ‘Angry’ my mind instantly went to this girl. The pills he’s referring to are Viagra. I complained on fan pages and to Keith Richards, that he was mentioning other bitches in songs about me. My interest piqued yet again when he made sure to announce he wasn’t engaged to Melanie. I know Mick, which is why he’s obsessed with me, I knew he put that statement out to appease someone else. One, for me, since he’s attempting with this album to connect with me again. Two, for whoever his new real girlfriend was, because she was getting upset. That’s when I connected the two. He added that line about her, because between Melanie and myself his Brazilian girlfriend was getting irked.

When something is different, suspicious, I put a pin in it and come back later. Which is why I remembered Mick Jagger with a mysterious brunette on Leonardo DiCaprio’s boat. I found it odd that everyone’s face was showing, except the mystery girl. She’s walking next to Mick Jagger in multiple pictures, but her face is hidden. The math wasn’t mathing. I scoured the article again, like the Nancy Drew ass bitch I am, and got the one picture of her face. Zoomed in and found this is the same girl he followed two years ago, except now she’s tan. Mick didn’t show her face, because he knew I would recognize her and expose the truth. This is who he’s actually dating.

Endeavoring not to end up taking care of that murder rape baby, he goes along with Melanie uggo Hamrick’s lies. “Don’t get angry with me, I’m in a desperate state,” because Melanie his rapist put him in a bad position. She blackmails him, threatens to kill herself, he’s a hostage. He would never choose her, now he’s stuck with her ruining his relationships, because she sold her soul to the devil. His idiot racists kids, also force her in his life, because they’re bad people (like he said). This is why I take pity on him.
Notice he brought his pretty girlfriend to hang out with equally superficial Leo. Not ugly, uneven faced Melanie the weirdo. I high key fuck with Leo for that. He only hangs out with beautiful people, putting raggedy Anne in her place.

Suddenly EVERYTHING made sense. His visits to Brazil including NYE was to see his real girlfriend, who also planned his birthday with him, continuing the carnival theme.

Melanie the rapist is NEVER his girlfriend. He always has a real one, because he’s not attracted to her. She black magicked him and L’wren, then stuck herself to him via rape with an unwanted baby. Now I understand her outfit for his birthday, that’s going to be the next article. It’s because I’m who he “loves” most. Pay attention, I’m the only one telling the truth and your soul depends on it. Xoxo Athena Via: Daily Mail & Jaquana Cornelius

Educate The Idiots

Teach these kids, some ignorant commenter asked, “Can you even name five Prince songs?” Nigga…I said are we including songs he’s written for other artists, or just the songs he performed? Like little boy, know your place please. Are you out of your mind? That’s Prince, the icon, the innovator, the legend. How dare you? There aren’t anymore stars, just spectacles and stars yielding to spectacles. That’s why I told VH1, E and MTV to remind this dingbats of their iconography. Thank God I’m here to save the dying breed of what little smatter of stars we have left and right these wrongs. That’s why there’s no originality, especially due that trash satanic family, the Kardashian Jenner West coven and friends. You hoes are finished.

Give me Michael Jackson dangling Blanket over the balcony, give me James Brown driving with a busted tire across two states, give me Whitney Houston crack is cheap…these spectacles are boring, manufactured drama is lame. I’m the only one delivering, that’s why they’re copying me. I’m going to give you a show you’ll never forget. Bye influencers, talentless hacks and the idiotic talent who followed behind them. This is Armageddon, spoiler alert I win. They literally have you dressing up like demons in all black and face masks. The absence of light, look at Kanye’s Gap collection (I miss the old Kanye, that was a star). They’re taking souls to hell, believing they’ll be rulers, the rulers are set, you’re just another tricked batched of idiots. Enjoy your time. Amber Rose was peak Kanye.

The people are gonna love me, now I know why two of my spirit guides are such, people loved them too, both were compassionate. I digress. Can you name five Prince songs, artists he’s written for included? Via: Lost Boys And Girls86

Do I Still Love Rockstars?

Oh fuck yeah. Mick Jagger always use to say I’m naughty, which is one of his favorite qualities about me. I can’t help it. It’s the hair (omg the hair), the style, the attitude, the debauchery, the skill. If I’m at a show I get taken over, I’m commanded by the music and have to express it wantonly. FYI as you can see I recommended Maneskin, a hit. Lucas Jagger recommended Yungbld and MGK, Mick doesn’t know what’s going on and got dragged for it. His kids don’t know shit, or their fate would be different.

Honestly I would have been in everyone’s bed when they were smoking hot. I feel like The Strokes was the end of that sexy af period, right? Now it’s a few carrying the weight of full blown sex icon. Gimme Jimi Hendrix, gimme Jim Morrison, gimme Robert Plant, gimme Prince. Just for a good time not a long time. Via: Appetite_For_Slash_And_Izzy

Style With: Vanity

Prince like Mick Jagger was an aesthete, about their attire, performances and women. Both only entertained the baddest bitches. Denise Matthews aka Vanity was his girlfriend and muse. Urgh, a stunner and style icon! Her signature look being lace lingerie, paired with thigh high boots and a long duck tail tuxedo jacket. Usually adorned in black, headpieces, clunky belts, necklaces and lace, lace, lace darling. Vanity, the leader of group Vanity 6 is a glamorous, witch chic, sex icon. Which look is your favorite?

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Misty Copeland Vs. Melanie Hamrick: The Difference

Misty Copeland is an icon, Melanie Hamrick raped one. The difference between black girl magic and well…black magic. Let’s start from the beginning of Melanie’s delusion. She got the idea to murder L’Wren Scott and rape Mick Jagger, after seeing the attention Misty got in 2010 from dating another icon, Prince. As you can see in the below article, Melanie believed her career would skyrocket after being connected to Mick, because she’s a user and a parasite. She purposely took those balcony pictures, of a bereaved man she black magicked to further her lackluster career.

What Melanie failed to realize is the following, Misty Copeland is hot af. She didn’t need to use dark magic to get Prince. He chose her with consent. Beauty is power and women are expected to be beautiful at minimum. Bianca Jagger made an entire legendary identity off her looks, people emulating her for decades, as she is a beauty and style icon. Melanie with her deformed nose (an uneven nostril on one side and extra skin on the nasal passage of the other), gaunt circles under her close together, weird shaped eyes, loose leaf line paper thin lips, oddly shaped head, ratty hair, uneven chin, no butt, no boobs, malnourished appearance, isn’t even pretty. If she were she’d be as successful as Luciana Giminez, Bianca, Jerry Hall ( you have to be beautiful to model). No one has interest in her, because she’s unattractive. Not only is she ugly, she’s not talented. The second thing she failed to consider. Look at the difference in their forms below, Misty is Greek statue out of marble perfection. Melanie’s form is WEAK, which is why she was never a principal dancer. Raping Mick Jagger doesn’t make you pretty or talented sweetie. Just desperate, evil, and pathetic.

Now let’s go to the article Melanie wrote about herself. You can tell, because it’s a NY Post piece and as usual she mentions her youth, right smack in the title. Youth is all Melanie has, coming from no money, having no personality, style, or social connections of her own.

Let’s go photo by photo of this article. Photo one she’s on top of a man she raped, after killing his girlfriend, whom he loved very much. Don’t worry, articles discussing the trauma she caused will be coming. People who supported her should be disgusted with themselves, thank God you all go to hell. As you deserve. Especially his children, vile people who don’t know the first thing about family from what I’ve seen and experienced. Photo two of the above article, Melanie calls herself so beautiful she looks like a porcelain doll…do they sell defect dolls? That’s the only way that comparison works. Melanie’s delusion continues, in photo three where she states it didn’t take long for her to rebound. Rape isn’t rebounding, if that were the case why aren’t any other suitors attracted to you? That’s why you lie to the press, pretending to be Mick’s girlfriend. Unlike the rest of us Melanie can’t get a man of stature without dark magic. Why? She’s ugly. Photo four, Melanie again states she lives blocks away from Mick & L’Wren, like the stalker she is, and gives yet another contradictory story of how they met. You exchanged info? Didn’t he ask you to dinner? Didn’t you already start the affair? I can’t keep up with your lies. Can you guys? Related article: How Melanie Hamrick “Met” Mick. She also states she’s a tabloid fixture…selling articles you wrote and calling the paparazzi isn’t a fixture. It’s you trying to come up off someone’s tragedy. Tragedy you caused. Abhorrent. In photo five Melanie states she’s a prodigy in the ballet world, who experienced success at a young age…this is where she confuses her story with Misty’s. If that’s the case why were you never the principal dancer? The star? Why aren’t you getting interviewed as a teenager and magazine covers? Because that’s Misty’s life, not yours. Below are photos of Misty being a child prodigy, at 15 covering magazines. Finally, in photo six Melanie brings up age again, to cover her tracks regarding Mick and L’Wren. Youth doesn’t appeal to Mick BEAUTY does. He’s known for picking hot women not young women. Girl you’re a joke.

Look at what Misty Copeland accomplished due to her beauty and talent combined: teaching masterclasses, countless magazine covers, movies, books she’s written, books dedicated to her. Her looks are a given. The way she’s treated, the opportunities gotten. That’s why articles about Misty state principal dancer, not pretty ballerina or top dancer, like Melanie’s self-written work. If you were those things your oeuvre would show it. You had an entire baby and you’re still a nobody. You will always be a nobody, when a legend like Mick Jagger can’t help that says everything about you: mediocre, deformed, creepy, boring, loser, delusional, weird and again ugly. Nobody relevant tryna smash, you literally had to take away Mick’s freewill to get laid, to still, STILL be a NOBODY. Two types of magic only one worked; Misty you are legendary. Melanie you could NEVER.

Beautiful where? Porcelain doll where? Better than L’Wren WHERE???!!

You’re an entire embarrassment. The fact that you called the paps thinking this is a look, when your hair’s not even done, shows a level of mental instability I can’t grasp. Get her a hairbrush and a surgeon stat. Via: NY Post & Misty Copeland’s Insta

Pick A Crew: Prince & MJ Or Haring & Basquiat

Weekend hangout are you meeting up with the legendary musicians, or iconic artists?

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Happy Birthday Prince

A total babe. Going to watch your The New Girl episode wishing I was getting scolded by you. Will subsequently be revisiting Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories as well. What’s your favorite Prince song? Bonus what do both aforementioned shows have in common regarding Prince? Via: Gangster Glxm