How Melanie Hamrick “Met” Mick

During my gathering of information, I realized Melanie Hamrick puts out conflicting stories on how she met Mick Jagger. Mick wouldn’t know, since he was black magicked with the full moon of February 14th 2014 (the irony of today). Let’s go through her contradictory tall tales shall we?

Lie Number 1: Melanie says Mick Jagger asked her to dinner, after meeting backstage. Okay…

Lie Number Two (below): Melanie says Mick was cheating with her since meeting backstage. He left L’Wren Scott for her, because she’s so stunning. Melanie isn’t beautiful, she’s deformed and not gorgeous, or successful like L’Wren. Whom she tries to be, after killing her with her coven on the March 16th 2014 full moon. I also have PROOF of Melanie’s premeditation coming in tomorrow’s post.

Please note in post one of above articles, she lives five minutes away from L’Wren, like a psycho.

Article post two is how you know she wrote this, as she refers to herself as stunning and mentions for the 100th time, as she does in countless articles, and on her now deleted troll accounts, that’s she’s 43 years Mick’s junior (but still ugly).

Article post three above, is where Melanie says they didn’t hit it off, because he had a girlfriend, only to retract it by saying they were already having an affair, in the same damn piece. One of the egregious lies in this last article (annotated in blue), she says L’Wren died months after their meeting. Except it was less than two weeks…and if you think her stories couldn’t add up any less look below.

Lie Number Three: Melanie states, as she writes her own articles, because no one has any interest in her, that she stayed in touch with Mick after meeting. She only started dating him to help him cope with the pain SHE caused.

So which one is it Melanie Hick Hamrick? Did you start an affair causing L’Wren to kill herself? Did you wait til Lwren died to reach out? Did he ask you out backstage? Your lies don’t add up, just like you’re his girlfriend, but reference me in another one of your articles. You know why you can’t keep your stories straight? Because you’re a liar, a satanic witch, a murderer, a stalker and a rapist. You’re ugly, deformed and a creepy loser. That’s why. Mick Jagger would NEVER choose you without being black magicked. You aren’t pretty, stylish, successful, cool, or talented. Just wait til tomorrow’s post. Ohhhhhh just WAIT!

Melanie Hamrick And The Full Moon: