Happy Belated Birthday Slash

Rock God. Hair God. Sex God. Classic Halloween costume. Guitar hero, and one of my best air guitar impressions. Happy belated Slash with your fine ass, you were born cool and have an affinity with snakes. Snakes symbolize many things rebirth, fertility, evil people around you, destroyer, protector, etc…it really depends on the culture and species of snake. Anyways happy birthday icon, what’s your favorite Slash creation? Via: Whore4Slash & Slash Legacy

Do I Still Love Rockstars?

Oh fuck yeah. Mick Jagger always use to say I’m naughty, which is one of his favorite qualities about me. I can’t help it. It’s the hair (omg the hair), the style, the attitude, the debauchery, the skill. If I’m at a show I get taken over, I’m commanded by the music and have to express it wantonly. FYI as you can see I recommended Maneskin, a hit. Lucas Jagger recommended Yungbld and MGK, Mick doesn’t know what’s going on and got dragged for it. His kids don’t know shit, or their fate would be different.

Honestly I would have been in everyone’s bed when they were smoking hot. I feel like The Strokes was the end of that sexy af period, right? Now it’s a few carrying the weight of full blown sex icon. Gimme Jimi Hendrix, gimme Jim Morrison, gimme Robert Plant, gimme Prince. Just for a good time not a long time. Via: Appetite_For_Slash_And_Izzy

Legends Only: Michael Jackson And Slash

I would PAY to know wtf Michael Jackson and Slash talked about. I know MJ noticed when he didn’t wear his top hat one time. Legendary. What do you think they discussed during this shoot? Via: S.L.A.S.H._