The Kurse Spreads

Told you so.
Kanye West went to Haiti to see if he could find something on me, because I’m Haitian. After his family lied to people telling them I was doing black magic, I don’t need to do that. Only Satanist partake in such rituals. And look what happened.

Anyone who is connected to that family, liking their pictures, hanging out with them, wearing their stuff, any energetic ties without my protection, is going with them. Even if I am protecting you from going to hell with them, something bad WILL happen to you. The kurse is spreading like I said, because the devil’s come to collect. People make all these deals, exchanges, failing to realize there’s always a catch. The devil is friends with no one. That also goes for aligning with people of their nature, from the main racist families, something bad will happen to you. We are just at the beginning, it will catch you all. Boo hoo bitches, I told you. Look through the information I already gave ages ago. Can you think of other people who have had tragedy strike? Nicki’s dad amongst other things going wrong with her, everything about Chrissy Teigen, everything about Donald Trump…I mean you do the math. No really use your brain for once. P.S: you guys are lucky I’m telling you in the first place. I’m good, you’re not. Another prophecy came to me, it chills me to the bone. You guys don’t listen anyways, so good luck. Via: Haitian Times & Baller Alert

De-Conditioning: No One Way

There’s no one way to be black. You are literally a product of your environment. People are always thrown off by me, because they can’t pinpoint me through their stereotypes. Look at people through the filter of their experiences. Have you been quick to judge someone based on their appearance rather than their experiences? Top: Bold Melanin Bottom: Choo Choo Chia

Mary Dickinson By Mary Cassatt

When it comes to stealing flows
These birds is fluent
But they stutter when

Get asked about the queen’s influence
When it’s clear they bite me
I’m just flattered they like me
I don’t wanna check bitches
Tell them wear their Nike’s.

5 Big Booty Judy Problems

Puberty hit early for me. I developed in the fourth grade and contrary to my own beliefs, I was a double d by eighth. However breast are irrelevant, this is about the bum. Here are five problems only Big Booty Judy’s understand:

The Accused: Where’s the remote? Where’s my cellphone? Let the persecution begin. There you are minding your business, when a disgruntle, frustrated searcher demands you stand up. Get up, you’re probably sitting on it. Personally offended. “I’m so sick of you guys accusing me, I would feel it. It’s not always under my butt!” Get up, they say stoic and certain.

Gravitational Force: Yes bitch, you were sitting on the remote and the cellphone (been losing the controller since 97′). For some reason beyond physics, logic and comprehension, if certain items are near your bum it will disappear. That booty is a gravitational force field on it’s own. Next time, and there will be a next time, just get the hell up, you’re wrong.

Pushing Cushion: You don’t feel anything when you have all that ass. Legit the cushion feels no pushing, so you genuinely believe that there’s nothing underneath you, sometimes you don’t even feel an ass slap.

Belted Bum: Finding a pair of pants that fits your donk, dope! Until you realize how much space is in the waist. Tailoring your jeans becomes a must if you’re not a belt owner. My trick is buying jeans from Uniqlo, they are like denim jeggings that contort to your shape. If you have any other brands that do this let me know.

Cheeky Short Shorts: Those cute cutoffs that small to flat booty girls wear are a no for you boo boo. When you have a lot of back those types of shorts make you look hookerish, for lack of a better word. In some instances it works, at the beach, maybe a cookout, never with kids or cops around. Lest you look like you’re soliciting.

Did I miss anything? What would you add to this list? Photo: Nicki Minaj