Stop Apologizing For Evolving

Anyone who makes you feel guilty for evolving in ways they don’t understand, but betters your life isn’t someone you need in your circle. It simply means you’ve outgrown them. Choose yourself. A lot of the people I grew up with are this way, stagnant and judgmental rather than understanding, or inspired. I owe them nothing and went my own way. Best decision I ever made, while I reshape and change the world, they sit back and watch. As Britney Spears said: there’s only two types of people in this world, the one’s that entertain and the ones that observe. I’m the former, they’re the latter. Do you need to stop apologizing an switch up your circle? Via: A Life Colored Amber

I Freed Britney PERIOD

As cute as the thirteen year effort to free Britney Spears was, none of it was effective until I said it on June 29th 2021 on my main instagram page itsjqboo. Subsequently everything she needed from getting a new lawyer to freedom happened immediately. Look back at the dates yourself. You know you guys really should pay attention, especially to my words, I’m getting a lot done and I’m only beginning. I passed the final boss round now it’s time to have some fun and remember the blessings I bestow I can and will take away. Y’all not ready, you better get ready cause the wheel has turned indeed. I’d share what that means, but I think it’s best to show you. I’ve been being a good witch and learning and crafting, before it was just thoughts. Just like I told Mark Zuckerberg, but I’ll save his story for another time. He shouldn’t have crossed me. Took my protection from him and look what happened. And everything I told Melanie Hamrick I would do is occurring. Now get to work bitch. Via: ItsBritneySpears

Halloween Inspo: Britney Spears Videos

There are so many ways to pay homage to a pop queen, I’m not even going to get into the performance looks. In these videos alone she’s serving a multitude of fits, but these are the most recognizable. When donning this attire remember the iconic choreo for each is key. Doesn’t it make you miss the days of world premieres on MTV? Name these songs. Via: Britney Royalty

Pandemic Precautions With Britney

We’re closer to out of this than not, please remember to wear a mask! There were so many people in Central Park on The Great Lawn, less than a centimeter apart, mask and glove free. Unwise, we don’t want a second wave (which I feel is going to happen at this rate). Be like Britney, be safe. Are you taking the proper precautions when you’re out during nice weather? Via: V Files

Are You Toxic?

You’re jealous of your actual friends.
You want to see them do well, but not better than you.
You only like them when they’re down, it makes you feel superior.
You take your insecurities out on them.
You root against them secretly, not for them.
When your friends accomplish something you think “why them not me?”
You’re competitive, their success has to be outshined by something you’ve done.

Is their something I’m forgetting? Friendship is important, these people are your tribe. I’ve have so many toxic friends, who love me when I’m down and pray I fall when I’m up. Be honest with yourself, it’s the only way to change it. Have you exhibited any of these behaviors?

Two Ways To Wear Glitter Eye Makeup

Gimme, gimme more, gimme more, gimme, gimme more. So into to the new eye decor. Which one you wanna do? Top: Office Beauty NYC Bottom: Rosie HW