A Dark Winter On The Way

Eleven million people and counting have contracted the coronavirus. The United States has taken the lead partially due to someone saying it was a hoax, politicizing science as a Republican versus Democrat issue, which it is not. This person is responsible for murder, as the United States has contributed to at least 20% of the death toll worldwide. This is only the beginning of a painful winter. My heart goes out to those who have loss someone and will lose someone, as well as those who have run out of assistance and find themselves with empty stomaches. Who am I talking about? Name the piece of shit and his family and their affiliates. Can you think of any other people who just said fuck it due to a perturbing entitlement and lack of regard for human lives (but love money)? Via: NW Mag

*Didn’t I tell ya (I do not focus on the short term I’m a long term type bitch): https://sainttwenty.com/2020/07/04/the-universe-never-makes-mistakes/

Things To Consider…

When voting, you don’t have to agree with everything the candidate does. I for one realize every four years I have to pick between two lesser evils. I’m not chomping at the bit to serve two parties that were created for white men, by white men, I was considered property, which means I wasn’t considered at all. Still this is an extremely important election, one that means life and death in many ways. Here is why I’m voting for Biden:

  • Coronavirus: Everyone needs to wear a mask! This is going to be one of the darkest winters, many people will die due to Covid and the flu. This isn’t a political debate, it’s a fact of life. We cannot return to normalcy unless we take the necessary precautions.
  • Climate Change: The world is dying! We have less than ten years before the tipping point is irreversible. There is no planet B, just Earth! Space isn’t an option as cute as the fantasy sounds.
  • Human Rights: Women deserve the right to choose, immigrant’s deserve better treatment, white supremacy is not okay, police brutality needs to end…that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
  • Healthcare: Should be accessible to more people. Human lives should come before anything

Vote him out, we literally can’t afford to have it any other way!!! Can you think of something I missed?

Mask Up, Mask On

Flu season is coming round that mountain and the coronavirus is very, very real. It’s also mutated causing it to spread more rapidly, infect a younger demographic and many people are asymptomatic. Imagine being unaware of having the virus and catching the flu. WEAR A MASK! FOR YOUR SAFETY AND THE SAFETY OF OTHERS. This is a social disease do your part so we can return to normality. Via: Tango Sleepless

ROlling With The Homies


When hanging out please remember to wear a mask, maybe smoke your own joints. Bring hand sanitizer and stand six feet apart. There have been reports of mass surges, thousands in multiple states! Relax, but don’t be lax (on preventive Coronavirus measures). Via: Dirty 1990s

Pandemic Precautions With Britney

We’re closer to out of this than not, please remember to wear a mask! There were so many people in Central Park on The Great Lawn, less than a centimeter apart, mask and glove free. Unwise, we don’t want a second wave (which I feel is going to happen at this rate). Be like Britney, be safe. Are you taking the proper precautions when you’re out during nice weather? Via: V Files

Smoking Kills Cigarette Aesthetic

Sixth time was the charm. I finally quit when I didn’t keep track. As cool as it looks, especially in Europe, these poison sticks are bad for your health and skin. Now is a good time to stop, since coronavirus attacks the respiratory system. Once when meditating I heard the mucous built up in my lungs and knew the jig was up. I also watched my grandmother get her leg amputated due to a lifetime of smoking, that fucked up her circulation. Your body is a temple treat it as such. Respect it. Do you need to quit smoking? Vaping sucks too. Photos: Dreams Never Lie Chico, Fashion Wonderer, London Street Art, Empire 90s, Goddamn 333 & Nenthe