Monday Versus Friday Freddie

Have a great weekend nurture and nourish yourself. Take the time to do things for you, because you deserve it.

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Mick Rock is the most legendary and crucial photographer in rock n’ roll. For decades he’s captured icons starting their careers, performing, in their prime or candid hangouts. His photos are electrifying, you can feel the raw star power jumping out of his pictures. Pure raucous energy that defines these bigger than life personas who’ve shaped the art scene solidifying their place in history, as well as our hearts. These are the people who shaped the world and our beings. Fortunate to have been alive at the same time as him. Thank you for the precious, beautiful art. The second photo is at the World Trade Center, a place that no longer exist. I mean it just doesn’t get better. Rest in peace Mick Rock, this one hurts. I chose picture from his insta as those are his obvious favorites. Which photo is your favorite? Photographer: Mick Rock

Freddie Mercury Inspo

For your Halloween consideration. I use to buy those slutty costumes from Ricky’s, a few times my friend actually just stole them, now I’m about originality. There are so many nouns you can be, why stress yourself with the long lines to look like the next bitch? Which Freddie would you wear this year? Via: Freddie Mercury Club

Arnold Butler: Fat Bottomed Girls…

You make the rocking world go round.

Birthday Bey

Happy birthday to the Queen. The only person in the universe to have their face bite make international news. Even after you told the world to calm down, we refused. You can’t just bite Beyoncé. There aren’t enough words to express the infinite gratitude for her existence. The way you uplift the black community, especially black women, the way you give us everything, EVERYTHING, when you perform, the constant keeping us on our toes. You are amazing, you are Beyoncé, I am lucky to be alive to experience you being alive. #BowDownBitches #BestBootyInTheBiz

Photos: Beyoncés Instagram

Anita Pallenberg

Google pussy power and the face of this rock goddess will appear. When she died I literally couldn’t process that one of my ultimate idols had gone. She embodied everything I believe a badass woman should be: beautiful, highly intelligent (she spoke 4 languages), witty, revolutionary and stylish af. The Rolling Stones wouldn’t be nearly as cool without her. Keith and Brian didn’t start wearing those billowy blouses until this babe inspired them to.

Anita was a muse. She first came into the group as the girlfriend of founding member Brian Jones, only to leave him for Keith Richards (they share two kids) and according to Keith, fucked Mick Jagger while they co-starred in “Performance.” She also boned life long friend Marianne Faithfull, who at the time was dating Mick.

This woman taught me that the thing between my ears is better than gold and if you value yourself so will men, no matter how trifling. She overcame heroin addiction and went on to inspire the likes of Kate Moss, Nicole Richie and Anna Sui. She is fashion/rock royalty, who held her own amongst the bad boys, further instilling in me that well behaved women seldom make history.