Two For One Birthday

Today is the birthday of both Elvis Presley and David Bowie. Funny enough I’ve been picking up art is coming back, real art, not this void of entitled, gimmicky, fame hungry, clickbait shit. I’m talking the super stardom few here are carrying on their backs. The rising stars have been working and guided by the greats, but we’re still in a cleansing period for new things to grow and come forward. Enjoy the influence while you have it, many will be weeded out. Thank god.
Never forget 1983 David Bowie using his interview as a means to call out MTV for not playing black artists. See how he wasn’t being personally affected, but cares about equity and equality like a true legend. He didn’t need a movement and he wasn’t faking it. The days of the self serving, not here to change the world are numbered. Which icon do you resonate with more? Via: Music Monkeys

*He came with receipts (plus Michael Jackson made them eat it, P.S BLACK PEOPLE INVENTED ROCK AND ROLL nice try MTV):

Supermodel 101: Iman

A beautiful gazelle like creature come to life, elongated regal neck and grace included. The daughter of a diplomat and doctor was discovered by photographer Peter Beard who brought her to The States under the pretense that she lived a rural life. Since then she’s been the muse for Versace, Halston, Calvin Klein, Yves Saint Laurent (to name a few), on the cover of numerous magazines, television shows (ranging from Miami Vice to The Cosby Show) and music videos with the brothers Michael and Jermaine Jackson, Remember The Time and more recently discovered on my part Do What You Do. She went on to marry her ultimate soulmate rock god David Bowie, who was nervous af during their courtship, but knew she was one.
The mother of two speaks five languages and now has a successful makeup line Iman Cosmetics, which caters to women of color. She is still a bad bitch who has been working those angles for decades and is only adding to her resume. Thank you for being one of the black women to pave the way. What’s your favorite Iman decade? Via:, Yves Saint Laurent & Daniel Simon (Getty Images).

NYC Weekend Squad

Two parties, one city. Which event are you attending, 1983 with rockstars or 1965 with art stars? Currently drinking the same Jack as Keith, so I gotta go with the rockstars. Top: Rock Rebellion Bottom: Cosy Nostalgia