John Throwing Shade At Paul

The ending of The Beatles was probably filled with so much tension, like pulling a rubberband to capacity, before letting it fly. I feel like Ringo was the most chill and had lead in his stomach entering the studio. What an energy. One thing about John Lennon, he gonna be mercurial af. I wonder why he was throwing shade at Paul McCartney that day? Via: Beatles Radio & Andy Warhol Diaries

“Melanie Hamrick Is Apart Of My Downfall”

Me with no make up and a hat, Melanie deformed Hamrick in the same look, sans the harmonious features plus circles under her eyes. A mess, look at my features look at hers. One of us is beautiful (no wonder she’s in love with me), which is why she murdered L’wren Scott & raped Mick Jagger. She grew up a loser dedicating her life to ballet, only to be a background dancer. Just wait until I post the troll accounts prior to L’wren’s death where she eludes to her future with Mick in creepy comments like, hello is it me you’re looking for? Unlike rolly polly Alvin Bragg, I did a thorough investigation. Something he’s proven to be incapable of time and time again (read:Alvin Bragg Is A Criminal). He also doesn’t have my abilities, he’s not divine and my goddess senses tell me he collects money from helping criminals. He’s officially an accessory to murder and will be incarcerated. The universe sends people to me when their karma has come, when they’ve got away with doing evil too many times. He will be exposed.

Below you’ll see the good times between Mick and I, as well as the bad. Here we are talking about the Stones versus Beatles (read: Jack James, Me, The Beatles And The Stones) in text one. We always made each other laugh. The second message is him doing anything to get my attention, typical. It was sweet until it wasn’t. The third message is Mick being prescient that Melanie mutilated murderous Hamrick will be his downfall. He knew she was evil and he didn’t buy her any house. He’s literally never even been there, but Melanie is a liar, that’s what she does. Finally her lies are catching up to her. The last is Mick begging for me back in April, I said no, he should have treated me better. I like romance, loyalty, equal give and take, not drama, manipulation and abuse. He blew it. I’m not coming back, he’s not my twin. Every boyfriend I’ve had wanted me back, because I’m amazing. I told Mick that, I know my worth. Now he’s joined that group. Too bad. You shouldn’t have taken me, my love, my kindness for granted. Now you’re miserable about to lose everything, due to an ugly bitch with a deformed face who tried to rape me.

Melanie Hamrick is a nobody. I will be suing her for $9 million instead of $7 million, the amount L’Wren left to Mick. She’ll never come out of debt. She has no career even with a legend, because she’s not pretty, talented, cool, or stylish, she’s a weirdo criminal. A stalker, murderer, rapist, who destroyed everything and everyone around and aligned with her. Why? Because she made a deal with the devil whose come to collect.

Even her ass is gross, Mick Jagger would NEVER choose you. Especially over L’Wren, your time is up. Burn in hell. Via: Daily Mail

Happy Birthday Sir Paul

Happy birthday to the forever dreamy Sir Paul McCartney. You changed the world and we’re lucky to experience your greatness. A genius, living legend, eternal icon. WE LOVE YOU! What’s your favorite McCartney creation? Via: MaccaLover66

Sir Paul Sitting Pretty

Sir Paul McCartney sitting pretty, knowing I’m about to cancel culture The Rolling Stones. Also that his kids are superior. I can literally hear him saying “See, told you we’re the better band.” Can you hear him? Via: Paul McCartney

A Case Of The Mondays

That Monday feeling. The beginning of the work week doesn’t have to be a drag, it you’re doing something you love, or have plans to. Are you passionate about what you’re doing? Via: SgtPeppersBrackets

The Kim Cattrall Project

Something I’ve been working on is messaging Kim Cattrall, adjuring her to reprise her role as Samantha Jones. I don’t know what kind of hoodoo, voodoo, shit is going on, but literally every time I turn on an episode of Sex And The City, it aligns exactly with what’s occurring in my life. I finally realized it’s another synchronistic universal message, confirming and guiding me through life. Although it can be dated in regards to the multi-cultural tapestry that is in fact New York City, let’s face it, some people straight up only have white friends.
As a native to said tapestry I can attest to the fact that we haven’t come as far as we pretend, even NYC can be problematic in the neighborhood divisions. I mean this is the place that turned affluent black Seneca Village into Central Park, the inception of Robert Moses Projects project, taking homes from colored families for highways. I happened to be one of two black families (before I said three, but after serious discussion, it was decided my adopted ex-friend with his white mom didn’t count), to grow up on the Upper East Side. FYI my ex-friend is a Jewish, black, homosexual, I’ve grown up with combinations of complex people that I now realize are complete anomalies to the majority of the world. In fact my entire life is an anomaly. I too lived in a bubble, until the world gave me varying experiences of highs, lows, and people from all walks of life, not just mine, for me to see the full scope of things. So yes, Sex And The City can be a bit problematic (it’s not intentional), with the name plates and what not, but it’s still one of the greatest pieces of art ever created. Well written, apt and essential in a woman’s search for self.

I can truthfully say Samantha Jones changed my life. I was a Charlotte at one point, but used the Carrie in me to observe the discrepancies between gender expectations. It made me a bit of Miranda cynical, but then I said fuck the dumb shit and let my inner Samantha shine. No longer wanting the emotional restraints women are conditioned to have, denying ourselves pleasure to be subhuman to the patriarchy, I lived a very Billie, Sasha, Sex Life lifestyle. You know why? Because Samantha fucking Jones gave me the balls to do it. She gave MILLIONS of women that prerogative. Samantha Jones loved herself, giving me the courage to do the same. She was also the only one in the black club, ready to throw hands.

Sex And The City works better together, because the characters are so varied it allows women to be who they want and not some cookie cutter, dubbed a freakshow for wanting an identity of her own, however she sees fit. FEMINISM. The show is GROUNDBREAKING, the characters, cultural icons. Do you know how many times my friends and I STILL reference SATC, as it soothed some hardknock we were going through, no matter the ethnicity?
I implore you, join in, send Kim Cattrall a message on why we need her. A biologically tribal species, we need the band back together, for the sake of humanity. I rest my case.

*The photo of Ringo Starr and Sir Paul McCartney is only there so everyone can acknowledge Ringo is carrying the class. I love you Sir Paul, but blonde highlights, with that mustache makes you look like an adult film star. Give Ringo his flowers for this photo.
Watching The Beatles last performance always kills me inside, but everyone was swagged out af. “I Got A Feeling” hits different during that final concert. I can’t take another heartbreak, Kim Cattrall PLEASE! How did SATC impact you? What would you write to Kim Cattrall? Via: Gigi Engle & Golden Earth Boy

Happy Birthday Paul

Happy birthday to doe-eyed baby face Sir Paul McCartney. A legend, a genius and one of my favorite musicians. I can’t pick which McCartney creation is my favorite, but what’s yours? Actually no, it’s Blackbird, before realizing what the song is about. Just beautifully written, beautifully composed, I can listen to it forever. Simple and sophisticated. Via: Beatles Muses

Happy Birthday George

The quiet one. The spiritual one. My favorite one, I just loved his aesthetic the most (please don’t hate me Paul and Ringo). He never stopped writing, despite the lyrical genius of John and Paul, finally earning some credit with Here Comes The Sun, Taxman and As My Guitar Gently Weeps. I can feel the tension in that group, can you imagine presenting a song and having it rejected? He just kept going. What’s your favorite song? Via: 60s N Stuff

Happy Birthday Yoko

Yesterday a bad bitch was born.
No, she is NOT responsible for breaking up The Beatles, but having your name turn into an international, certifiable reference forevermore is major. An underrated Halloween costume for sure, there are so many phases to choose from. An icon. Which Yoko period is your favorite? Photographer: Matthew Placek