Have A Disney Talk With Your Kids

Me realizing Princess Jasmine dead just got on a magic carpet after Aladdin walks off her balcony talking about, “Do you trust me?”
You just met him, but okay…
Then lo and behold he’s fraudulent. Straight liar, he ain’t no prince, but she’s a liar too. That’s when I started realizing, Ariel a liar, Cinderella a liar, Mulan. No wonder I’m attracting toxic niggas, like oh we gon make it. I will one hundred percent be giving my children a talk during Disney films. Like nah, there are limits, not everyone is worth it. Did they stop your hand from getting chopped off? Did you both start off with lies, or just one person? Did they save you from drowning? Via: Artful Animation

Hannah Montana Friday

This cracks me up. Enjoy this holiday weekend, Hannah Montana style (even though that means a totally different thing on the streets). Go let loose safely. Miley doesn’t smoke anymore, but if she did could you keep up? Via: 2000 Snow Bunny

In Honor Of Zendaya

Today is Zendaya’s birthday. Transitioning from a Disney child star to a serious actress can be an onerous task. Zendaya taking on the role of drug addicted, bi-polar Rue, a role just as challenging as this career shift, did it with grace.

Euphoria is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. It’s cinematically beautiful, especially the homage they did to Alfred Hitchcocks ‘Strangers On A Train’, referenced in the carnival episode, well written, brilliant plot lines and an amazing cast. They use music in a way that classical composers like Bach created the genre to be (the chords in the song being the story itself).

This is genuinely refined art to the highest degree. So in honor of her birthday do yourself a favor and watch this shit. Binge it, thank you Zendaya for existing.

Reppin’ Reppin’ Time

One would have thunk I told her to fly into the sun, without dissipating, and blow out it’s light. All I did was suggest she apply to restaurants in Manhattan. The idea alone was daunting to her. A state of disquietude emanates from her body, as she goes wide-eyed and stock still. Confused, I tell her she would make five times the money. Duh. There are levels to this ish. A franchise like this is considered a joke in the service industry. Pete Wells would never spit on this place, informing him of it’s existence would be the highest form of impertinence. She had no idea who I was talking about.

“I had some time one day, so I walked around the Financial District and when I looked into those fancy places, I didn’t see anybody who looked like me [black].”

A poignant observation, reminding me shooting for the moon was different for everyone. A server job wasn’t a big deal to me, but meant everything to her. Katrina was a single mom, with a Staten Island mortgage to boot. Representation across the board is essential, it is the barometer which people base their potentiality.

Imagine if Michael Jackson had seen this cover? He wouldn’t have bleached his skin, but found beauty in his vitiligo. Shahad Salman, had the good fortune to grow up in a world with Winnie Harlow. Now a skin condition that was considered a beauty blemish, is embraced. This is why we fight for flesh matching band-aids, skin toned ballet shoe’s and Disney princesses.

Name an instance where you doubted yourself, but seeing someone else do it gave you confidence? Each of us play an important role, because we spark each other.