In Honor Of Zendaya

Today is Zendaya’s birthday. Transitioning from a Disney child star to a serious actress can be an onerous task. Zendaya taking on the role of drug addicted, bi-polar Rue, a role just as challenging as this career shift, did it with grace.

Euphoria is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. It’s cinematically beautiful, especially the homage they did to Alfred Hitchcocks ‘Strangers On A Train’, referenced in the carnival episode, well written, brilliant plot lines and an amazing cast. They use music in a way that classical composers like Bach created the genre to be (the chords in the song being the story itself).

This is genuinely refined art to the highest degree. So in honor of her birthday do yourself a favor and watch this shit. Binge it, thank you Zendaya for existing.

He’s Blue

Alfred Hitchcock by Gary Kaemmer

One time my sister called me panicked. She and her friends found some pills. They didn’t know what they were, but took them anyway. One of them passed out and was starting to turn blue. “What should I do?” Put him in a cold shower so he doesn’t fall asleep, I told her. That’s how they did it on T.V. It worked, he didn’t die.