In Defense Of Meredith Marks

LEAVE HER ALONE! LEAVE MEREDITH MARKS ALONE! I love all the Salt Lake City ladies, they’re casting GOLD, however the smear campaign needs to end. Meredith only attacks people when they come for her. Lisa Barlow said allllllllllll that stuff on the hot mic. Like she oded on her entire life. Hurt, Meredith decided an eye for eye was just. She did not say Lisa was giving out sexual favors prior to that. She did not spread rumors about Angie K’s husband, she alluded to them after Angie attacked her at dinner. Calling her unsuccessful with a rented life. She’s giving the same energy she’s given, so stop acting like she’s starting shit from thin air. Even Heather Gay said ohhhh, everyone knows the rumor, but the audience didn’t until Monica said it on air. FYI she was prompted by Whitney Rose to spill the tea, which is going to end with her being dragggggged at that reunion. Watch.

PS Lisa and Meredith, the root of your friendship issues: you love each other too much. Lisa only said that, because she felt betrayed that you confided in Jen Shah over her. She’s suppose to be your bff, your sister. She felt you placed others above her, when she held you as number one. Meanwhile, Meredith didn’t want you to look at her differently, so she didn’t tell you about her affairs. She didn’t want to change your views on her, in order to keep the solid dynamic you had. Get it together girls.

A phenomenal season thus far. If you’re not watching it’s your loss. Start from this season ASAP. They are truly GODS gift to us all. I watch every episode twice. Mary Cosby please never leave us again.
I will be defending Heather Dubrow next. This will be interesting, because Gina’s relationship with Heather has everything to do with her serving Shannon karma. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR, WATCH REAL HOUSEWIVES OF SALT LAKE CITY. I rest my case. Via: The Face Of Kase