Celebs With Spiritual Gangsters

Cats are a huge deal spiritually, probably the most intuitive animal there is. No wonder there a witches go to and were worshipped in both Egypt and Greece. They aren’t demonic, although mischievous. If you don’t love them properly they’ll leave and they can tell when someone is evil, or when something bad is about to happen. Cats are great guides. Their purr emits a healing frequency. Originally I got mine to kill bugs and rodents, boy does she deliver, but what is their spiritual significance? Well it depends on the culture, color and species. Overall they’re protectors, mystics, wise af, curious, independent, playful, regal and the definition of self-love. We can learn a lot from cats, like how to set healthy boundaries. Pay attention to animals, look them up if they appear in dreams, or reoccur in your life, the universe is telling you something. What it is, is up to you to decipher. The universe talks, listen. Via: So Audrey Hepburn, 90s Boom Bap Rap & As The Vinyl Turns

Notes On Wearing Oversized Flowers

Banish The Madonna-Whore complex and wear oversized flowers on your head, or between your legs. Your body, your choice. Just promise not to be:

” …these stupid girls. I vowed then never to be like them, frivolous and weak-willed, with their glossy lips and padded bras, speaking for hours to a boy who only pretended to listen.”

Do you separate women into one of two categories, or do you see women as fluid, complex humans with desires of their own? Why? Photographers: Giancarlo Botti & Howell Conant

Ellery x Duran Lantink

Absolutely obsessed with this dress, casual glamour. It looks like an updated classic, something Old Hollywood stars would wear if they were time warped into the now. In a deconstructive way the top portion of this dress reminds me of a mini leather jacket over a gown. Like if Holly Golightly was making a fashion statement while arriving at a party she wasn’t necessarily invited to just to cause a stir, but looking as though it was a stop along the way of a better event. Do you love it or hate it? Via: Sara Maino

Mat Maitland: Altered Beauty

A throwback to this exhibit by Mat Maitland, coined the digital Warhol, using 2018 beauty trends on classic icons of the category. These timeless dime pieces didn’t need to be altered, neither do some of you. There is nothing wrong with modifying yourself if it brings you joy and gives you confidence. However there is a line that’s been crossed, you all look the same. I literally scroll through my insta explore page and mix people up all the time. Where is that thing that makes you unique, one of a kind, memorable? Also it’s aging the skin of young girls dramatically. Think, are you doing it to fit in? Are you doing it because you don’t love yourself? Are you doing it to be the object of another being, one that isn’t valued? Are you doing it to be someone other than you? Why? Shout out to Dame Elizabeth Taylor, we have the same birthday!

Style With Lee Radziwill

“I can’t think of any woman more feminine than Lee Radziwill, not even Audrey Hepburn.” Truman Capote said of the socialite. The brilliant, chic baby sister of Jackie-O; despite their competitive relationship Lee styled her sister on numerous occasions.

The pisces Princess, who got her last name after marrying Polish Prince Stanislaw Albrecht Radziwill, had a style that was minimal, yet embellished. A plain white gown covered by an ornamental jacket, a red dress made sophisticated by the placement of straps across her chest, closed with a decorative brooch. She was balanced glamour, refined, chic and always memorable.

Even black leather jackets were stand outs one: a fur color and a cinched waist, the other given depth with a snakeskin texture. They just don’t make them like they use to. Her outfits are put together so consciously it radiates her intelligence. What does your style say about you?