Alexandre Vauthier Fall 2020

Glamour at all cost, no matter where you are, no matter what you’re doing. I love this couture collection. Can one wear these dresses without feeling themselves? There’s no way. The body is adorned by these garments. It’s giving me modern Studio 54 and Old Hollywood all at once. You would sooner catch me on the beach in that gold dress with boots, than wearing sweatpants in public. Personally I rather be done up than under done, LA casual is not the vibe for me. Which look is your favorite? Do you prefer comfort or would you prefer to suffer for a look? Via: Fat Anna Wintour

Ellery x Duran Lantink

Absolutely obsessed with this dress, casual glamour. It looks like an updated classic, something Old Hollywood stars would wear if they were time warped into the now. In a deconstructive way the top portion of this dress reminds me of a mini leather jacket over a gown. Like if Holly Golightly was making a fashion statement while arriving at a party she wasn’t necessarily invited to just to cause a stir, but looking as though it was a stop along the way of a better event. Do you love it or hate it? Via: Sara Maino