Dame Elizabeth Taylor And I…

Not only share the same birthday, February 27th, but have the same moon sign. We’re both pisces sun, scorpio moon! Which is so crazy to me, because we have the same affect on men. I mean, can’t beat them off with a stick. It’s gotten us both in quite a lot of trouble, might I add. Oy vey.

*Digging deeper I found pisces sun, scorpio moon have razor sharp intuition, psychic abilities and are phenomenal at reading people. We make good investigators. “We’re passionate, loyal lovers, when you gain our trust and believe in fairytale love.” We’re great healers, spiritual teachers and revered artists. We’re also extremely powerful manifestors. So powerful we can manifest our fears, or unwanted desires.* Fact’s of life, like when I made that family bleed after they tried to kill my cat. Such was my rage. One of the reasons I scared myself. This is why I say don’t get me angry.

There’s so much that goes into when you were born, the exact time and place are key. Dame Elizabeth Taylor and I were also born on a waning gibbous moon, representing gratitude (amongst other things). Yet I have absolutely no fire in my chart, I’m all Earth, Water and a smidge of air, she’s filled with fire. Do you share a birthday with someone who shares you moon sign and phase? What elements are missing from your chart? Via: Ms.Charlotte. Astrology & *Keen.com*

The Seven Husbands Of Evelyn Hugo

Loosely based on the life of Dame Elizabeth Taylor, Evelyn Hugo is a big breasted beauty from Hell’s Kitchen. Escaping a life of penury with her alcoholic father, she’s desperate to fulfill her late mother’s dream of movie stardom. Having little to no acting ability, but tons of ambition, she lies, cheats, spreads her legs, and uses people to an Oscar win. Evelyn is a complex character playing the hand dealt to her, deeply aware of flaws she never claims to be a saint, but a survivor. Willing to do whatever it takes, she changes her identity, discarding her Hispanic roots to fit into overtly racist Old Hollywood. Now, at the end of her life, she decides to spill all her secrets to a relatively unknown writer. Evelyn gives Monique Grant the rights to her life story via memoir, to the confusion of all. Why Monique?

The chapters are titled by each husband, but which was the love of her life? This book deals with: sexism, sexuality, identity, family, death and time. Time wasted, time spent, time you can never get back.

On GOD this book is worth ALL the hype. Evelyn Hugo is such a phenomenal character, she jumps off the page right into your heart. One of the most memorable, well written protagonist ever. Finishing the book made me miss her. I’m trying to write this in a manner that gives nothing away, but it doesn’t do the story justice. Taylor Jenkins Reid is quickly becoming one of my favorite writers. Read this book, it’s epic. Via: The_Booktrovert_Artist


Melanie Hamrick And Her Nobody Friends

Who actually are these people? Spare me about Christine, her career took off with Melanie’s black magic. Why would Mick Jagger leave Lwren Scott who was prettier than Melanie, for her and her nobody friends? Literally she’s hanging out with Elizabeth Taylor! The Elizabeth Taylor, royalty with Princess Beatrice (who I actually meet doing the red carpet for a Charity Water event, so humble) and Nicole Kidman. Who the fuck are these people, including Melanie Hick Hamrick? Sir Mick Jagger, legendary rockstar would leave his successful, somebody, gorgeous girlfriend of 13 years, to hang out with a background ballerina and her nobody friends?
It’s just so creepy of this entire group. None of them are pretty, or stars to begin with for him to want to level up a deformed chin, deformed nostril girl, with no style, or money, and a ratty ponytail. Look at her pony, look at Lwrens. Melanie Hamrick is an entire stalker, murderer, rapist. You’re a weirdo, a lame, delusional weirdo, who can’t be a star even when you steal one of the biggest ones from the sky. Mick Jagger, an icon, would never look at you, even with him you still manage to be a loser. A leopard doesn’t change it’s spots. You aren’t arm candy, or eye candy, the minimum of his requirements. A mess like that hair, on that unshapely head.

Happy Birthday Erykah, Elizabeth & Brian

Happy birthday to these legends. Born in order from February 26th to the 28th (Dame Elizabeth Taylor and I have the same birthday). Thank you Erykah Badu and Brian Jones for you musical contributions and starting my favorite band. Sorry guys for the birthday upload’s I’m biased. What’s your favorite work from these artists? Via: Hip Magazine Org, Johnny Old Hollywood & Sir Brian Jones

Mat Maitland: Altered Beauty

A throwback to this exhibit by Mat Maitland, coined the digital Warhol, using 2018 beauty trends on classic icons of the category. These timeless dime pieces didn’t need to be altered, neither do some of you. There is nothing wrong with modifying yourself if it brings you joy and gives you confidence. However there is a line that’s been crossed, you all look the same. I literally scroll through my insta explore page and mix people up all the time. Where is that thing that makes you unique, one of a kind, memorable? Also it’s aging the skin of young girls dramatically. Think, are you doing it to fit in? Are you doing it because you don’t love yourself? Are you doing it to be the object of another being, one that isn’t valued? Are you doing it to be someone other than you? Why? Shout out to Dame Elizabeth Taylor, we have the same birthday!