Melanie Hamrick And Her Nobody Friends

Who actually are these people? Spare me about Christine, her career took off with Melanie’s black magic. Why would Mick Jagger leave Lwren Scott who was prettier than Melanie, for her and her nobody friends? Literally she’s hanging out with Elizabeth Taylor! The Elizabeth Taylor, royalty with Princess Beatrice (who I actually meet doing the red carpet for a Charity Water event, so humble) and Nicole Kidman. Who the fuck are these people, including Melanie Hick Hamrick? Sir Mick Jagger, legendary rockstar would leave his successful, somebody, gorgeous girlfriend of 13 years, to hang out with a background ballerina and her nobody friends?
It’s just so creepy of this entire group. None of them are pretty, or stars to begin with for him to want to level up a deformed chin, deformed nostril girl, with no style, or money, and a ratty ponytail. Look at her pony, look at Lwrens. Melanie Hamrick is an entire stalker, murderer, rapist. You’re a weirdo, a lame, delusional weirdo, who can’t be a star even when you steal one of the biggest ones from the sky. Mick Jagger, an icon, would never look at you, even with him you still manage to be a loser. A leopard doesn’t change it’s spots. You aren’t arm candy, or eye candy, the minimum of his requirements. A mess like that hair, on that unshapely head.

Embraces With Lwren Scott Vs. Melanie Hamrick

This is what love looks like, smiles, not frowns, mutual embraces. Know the difference. Happier with you? He hates you. You’re a desperate, insolent, weirdo, joke. All the right people are going to hell with you. All the right people had their lives cut short beforehand. Multiple times I tried to divine intervention people, but they had too much evil in them to be saved. Such is fate. I will never stop fighting for beautiful Lwren Scott, so filled with love she came back to finally tell her story about a bitch who took her life, to save an unworthy family, she didn’t want to go and can’t come back. I understand Melanie’s obsession, she was the opposite of her: beautiful, stylish, successful, loved by all, popular and admired. Even nostrils, even chin, well connected. Via: Lwren. Scott & Terry Richardson

Supermodel 101: Agyness Deyn

The British are coming, the British are coming! And we ain’t mad. It’s 2007 and I refuse to get a fake i.d to enter MisShapes, the hottest club in New York City. I hate scenes. That doesn’t stop my friends from going. Everyone is running up to Jackson Pollis in the hallways of ELRO (for me math class), asking if he’s deadass the boyfriend of supermodel Agyness Deyn. A gentleman he replies “only friends,” until profuse photo evidence made their dating status an indubitable fact. Oh, to be a teen in the late aughts, attending a specialized high school on the Upper East Side.

Agyness Deyn literally ruled the world, she was the IT girl; an androgynous, punk chic Edie Sedgwick, her style and music taste were deemed just as cool. Born in Manchester, she was a waitress until she got scouted by designer Henry Holland, signing with Select Model Management. This platinum blonde babe was a force in both commercial and high fashion (editorials, runway). Walking for YSL, Chanel, Stella McCartney, Dior, Versace, Karl Lagerfeld (to name a few), plastered on campaigns for Burberry, Doc Martens, Armani, Anna Sui, Vivienne Westwood…and covered Time, Vogue, I-D, Elle, everything, she was everywhere. A nightclub fixture, a tastemaker, the embodiment of a rock n’ roll, carefree, party scene that defined an amazing era. One where we stuck out our orange pigmented tongues from drinking the now obsolete Sparks, embracing debauchery in the pursuit of fun. I can hear The Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, just looking at her.

After dominating the industry Deyn quit modeling in 2009, not before dating Albert Hammond Jr. and Alex Greenwald. Dipping her feet into acting she landed a big role in Clash Of The Titans as Aprohodite, married actor Giovanni Ribisi and has since found joy with Joel McAndrew, with whom she has two kids. A stellar career for such a short time. Is Agyness Deyn the most rock n’ roll model ever? Photographers: Alasdair McLellan, Terry Richardson, Steven Meisel, Jan Welters, Getty Images Versace Show, Steven Meisel, Katie Jane Hillier & Vogue Italia