Embraces With Lwren Scott Vs. Melanie Hamrick

This is what love looks like, smiles, not frowns, mutual embraces. Know the difference. Happier with you? He hates you. You’re a desperate, insolent, weirdo, joke. All the right people are going to hell with you. All the right people had their lives cut short beforehand. Multiple times I tried to divine intervention people, but they had too much evil in them to be saved. Such is fate. I will never stop fighting for beautiful Lwren Scott, so filled with love she came back to finally tell her story about a bitch who took her life, to save an unworthy family, she didn’t want to go and can’t come back. I understand Melanie’s obsession, she was the opposite of her: beautiful, stylish, successful, loved by all, popular and admired. Even nostrils, even chin, well connected. Via: Lwren. Scott & Terry Richardson