Some People Pick Flowers

“There are people who see a beautiful flower and rush over to pick it. They want to hold it in their hands, they want to own it. They want the flower’s beauty to be theirs, to be within their possession, their control.” -The Seven Husbands Of Evelyn Hugo

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Taking Time Is The Biggest Crime

“The love of my life is gone, and I can’t just call her and say I’m sorry and have her come back. She’s gone forever. So yes, Monique, that is something I do regret. I regret every second I didn’t spend with her. I regret every stupid thing I did that caused her an ounce of pain. I should have chased her down the street the day she left me. I should have begged her to stay. I should have apologized and sent roses and stood on top of the Hollywood sign and shouted, ‘I’m in love with Celia St. James!’ and let them crucify me for it. That’s what I should have done. And now that I don’t have her, and I have more money than I could ever use in this lifetime, and my name is cemented in Hollywood history, and I know how hollow it is, I am kicking myself for every single second I chose it over loving her proudly.”

Melanie Hamrick took time from two people, because she felt entitled to it.

Against their freewill, traumatizing Mick Jagger, by murdering Lwren Scott via black magic and raping him, forcing a baby. Pretending to be a savior. She’s a predator.

All to look like this.

With her weirdo friends. All unattractive nobodies.

For a career she isn’t talented at, despite studying it all her life. As you can see she was a background ballerina, never the star, never the prima, never the principal, just a NOBODY, BACKGROUND dancer with a deformed nose, no style, no money, no career even with Mick Jagger, and no social connections. Not beautiful, or cool. Mick, a LEGEND & INTERNATIONAL ICON, like everyone else, but MOST of all, would never notice you. For what? Let alone choose you over L’Wren and have a baby with YOU and not her. You’re an entire fucking satanist weirdo loser. So is everyone aligned with you. Creepiest person ever, parasite. Via: BBYHercules & CTV News

The Seven Husbands Of Evelyn Hugo

Loosely based on the life of Dame Elizabeth Taylor, Evelyn Hugo is a big breasted beauty from Hell’s Kitchen. Escaping a life of penury with her alcoholic father, she’s desperate to fulfill her late mother’s dream of movie stardom. Having little to no acting ability, but tons of ambition, she lies, cheats, spreads her legs, and uses people to an Oscar win. Evelyn is a complex character playing the hand dealt to her, deeply aware of flaws she never claims to be a saint, but a survivor. Willing to do whatever it takes, she changes her identity, discarding her Hispanic roots to fit into overtly racist Old Hollywood. Now, at the end of her life, she decides to spill all her secrets to a relatively unknown writer. Evelyn gives Monique Grant the rights to her life story via memoir, to the confusion of all. Why Monique?

The chapters are titled by each husband, but which was the love of her life? This book deals with: sexism, sexuality, identity, family, death and time. Time wasted, time spent, time you can never get back.

On GOD this book is worth ALL the hype. Evelyn Hugo is such a phenomenal character, she jumps off the page right into your heart. One of the most memorable, well written protagonist ever. Finishing the book made me miss her. I’m trying to write this in a manner that gives nothing away, but it doesn’t do the story justice. Taylor Jenkins Reid is quickly becoming one of my favorite writers. Read this book, it’s epic. Via: The_Booktrovert_Artist


Dangerous Women Enjoy Sex For Pleasure

“Women have sex for intimacy. Men have sex for pleasure. That’s what culture tells us. The idea that I’d be shown to enjoy my body, to desire the male form just as strongly as I was desired, to show a woman putting her own physical pleasure at the forefront…it felt daring.

I liked the idea of showing a woman having sex because she wanted to be pleased instead of being desperate to please.”

*I keep telling y’all, find your g-spot, set yourself free:

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