Dame Elizabeth Taylor And I…

Not only share the same birthday, February 27th, but have the same moon sign. We’re both pisces sun, scorpio moon! Which is so crazy to me, because we have the same affect on men. I mean, can’t beat them off with a stick. It’s gotten us both in quite a lot of trouble, might I add. Oy vey.

*Digging deeper I found pisces sun, scorpio moon have razor sharp intuition, psychic abilities and are phenomenal at reading people. We make good investigators. “We’re passionate, loyal lovers, when you gain our trust and believe in fairytale love.” We’re great healers, spiritual teachers and revered artists. We’re also extremely powerful manifestors. So powerful we can manifest our fears, or unwanted desires.* Fact’s of life, like when I made that family bleed after they tried to kill my cat. Such was my rage. One of the reasons I scared myself. This is why I say don’t get me angry.

There’s so much that goes into when you were born, the exact time and place are key. Dame Elizabeth Taylor and I were also born on a waning gibbous moon, representing gratitude (amongst other things). Yet I have absolutely no fire in my chart, I’m all Earth, Water and a smidge of air, she’s filled with fire. Do you share a birthday with someone who shares you moon sign and phase? What elements are missing from your chart? Via: Ms.Charlotte. Astrology & *Keen.com*