Celebs With Spiritual Gangsters

Cats are a huge deal spiritually, probably the most intuitive animal there is. No wonder there a witches go to and were worshipped in both Egypt and Greece. They aren’t demonic, although mischievous. If you don’t love them properly they’ll leave and they can tell when someone is evil, or when something bad is about to happen. Cats are great guides. Their purr emits a healing frequency. Originally I got mine to kill bugs and rodents, boy does she deliver, but what is their spiritual significance? Well it depends on the culture, color and species. Overall they’re protectors, mystics, wise af, curious, independent, playful, regal and the definition of self-love. We can learn a lot from cats, like how to set healthy boundaries. Pay attention to animals, look them up if they appear in dreams, or reoccur in your life, the universe is telling you something. What it is, is up to you to decipher. The universe talks, listen. Via: So Audrey Hepburn, 90s Boom Bap Rap & As The Vinyl Turns