Kahmora Hall As Cher

Brilliant. Happy Pride Month and remember all those hateful people are angry because they are missing out on a beautiful, colorful community. One that would enhance their lives. Spread love, treat people how you want to be treated. Via: Kahmora Hall

Happy Birthday Grace, Cher & Busta

Happy birthday to three iconic artists Grace Jones (May 19th), Cher and Busta Rhymes (May 20th), who specialize in signature styles, creatively and fashion wise. What’s your favorite pieces they’ve made? Via: Old School Loving, Rolling With Judas & I Love Hip Hop 88

Four S’s With Cher & Greg

If hair were a couple goal category, Cher and Greg Allman win. It’s so incredibly glamorous and seventies, sexy, sensual, silky. Another underrated Halloween costume, everyone always does Sonny & Cher.
You welcome in advance.
Back when there were standards, not shameless fame for fame sakers trying to get attention, because they feel entitled to be talentless. Add another S adjective. Photographer: Terry O’ Neil

This Is Not A Game

How I demand people treat me when I get darker. You mean queen and to be honest they do. Everyone always says hey you look good, did you do something different? Yes, indeed I did, I caught this color bitch. I’m the most extra when darker, like honestly don’t even talk to me unless you acknowledge it. Anyone who doesn’t is a hater and a liar! Of course all of this instantly feeds my OCD, how long will I stay like this? How many days left to get darker? I have to make up for the lack of time yesterday…a nut. What’s your favorite nature sanctuary? Via: Its Hilton Hottie

ROlling With The Homies


When hanging out please remember to wear a mask, maybe smoke your own joints. Bring hand sanitizer and stand six feet apart. There have been reports of mass surges, thousands in multiple states! Relax, but don’t be lax (on preventive Coronavirus measures). Via: Dirty 1990s