New Week Style, With Selena

Me getting ready for the new week by outlining how I’m going to expose the Kardashian Jenner West family, Melanie Hamrick, Ed Westwick and their affiliates in a beautiful cohesive manner. Overwhelmed with receipts and themes: black magic, racism, classism, power, morality, greed, desperation, but they all have one thing in common. Stupidity. Are you ready for the grand finale folks? Good things come to those who wait, I patiently gathered my evidence while these dingbats thought they were pulling a con. The saying is true after all. Via: Selena Laleyenda

Shiny Disco Balls Aesthetic

Drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, bad ass Vegas hoes
Late-night booty calls and shiny disco balls

Disco, disco, disco, disco, shiny disco balls.

Which star quenched your thirst for disco fever? Via: Selena, Getty Images & Long Tall Angie

Happy Birthday Selena

When Scar let’s his brother Mufasa fall on his own volition, that was the first time I recognized sorrow and understood death. The first time I experienced the desire for vengeance was in your honor, most of my friends had that moment. “It’s over for Yolanda forever and the actress who plays her.” In your short time here you gave us signature fits, a new sound, quality work, a banging 90’s babe for inspiration and a love for you that made us want to behead that monster, anything for Selena’s. An icon. What’s your favorite Selena song? Via: John Dyer