Paco Rabanne FW 2020

Very Joan of Arc! The perfect combination of feminine, with it’s slink and fabric, and tough, with it’s hardware accessories slash armor vibe. I love a good fusion of juxtaposition. Warrior woman, when the time comes to defend what’s yours, what will you wear? Via: Miuglier

Shiny Disco Balls Aesthetic

Drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, bad ass Vegas hoes
Late-night booty calls and shiny disco balls

Disco, disco, disco, disco, shiny disco balls.

Which star quenched your thirst for disco fever? Via: Selena, Getty Images & Long Tall Angie

BDSM-Esque Head Pieces

GLAMOUR. High fashion BDSM vibes on Madonna’s end. It’s giving me everything, but most importantly life. Dear god, every piece is major. Which one is your current mood? Mine is look one: just a serene, refined, couture queen, having a self-care day. Photos: Paco Rabanne, Institute Mag, Ralf Eyertt and Madonna