Corsets Never Left Though

Everyone keeps talking about corsets are here to stay…except they never left, sorry social media to break the news to you. Above is Diana Ross in the 1971, Gisele in 1999 and Madonna in 1998. Let’s all relax about this “new” trend. Who served it the best? Via: Getty Images

Happy Birthday Madonna

I’m not a well behaved woman and it’s partially your fault. Thank you for everything you’ve given this world. After writing a birthday message to her I cried listening to Power Of Goodbye again, without that song I would still be waiting on one of the most toxic people I’ve ever loved. I was stuck in a three year rut and every lyric hit; you freed me, as you have time and time again with your gift. What would this place be for women without you? You’ve empowered so many people, you taught me to be vocal, ambitious and sexually liberated. I hope you had (it was yesterday) the best day ever. What is your favorite Madonna song? Photos: Madonna PL. Vencoco & Rebel Heart MDNA

BDSM-Esque Head Pieces

GLAMOUR. High fashion BDSM vibes on Madonna’s end. It’s giving me everything, but most importantly life. Dear god, every piece is major. Which one is your current mood? Mine is look one: just a serene, refined, couture queen, having a self-care day. Photos: Paco Rabanne, Institute Mag, Ralf Eyertt and Madonna

Supermodel 101: Naomi Campbell

Few people have experienced such loss as Naomi Campbell. Working with every major fashion house from the 80’s on, she’s had to suffer through the suicide of Alexander McQueen, the murder of Gianni Versace and the death of Azzedine Alaia (tips of the icebergs). Still she’s endured. This woman taught me how to drag people to the library to get read. Her career is nothing short of iconic, 1/3 of “The Trinity” (which will get a tribute later), in countless music videos from Michael Jackson, Jay-Z, Madonna to George Michaels, her infamous feud with fellow supermodel Tyra Banks, the level of major she’s been in court (this fee is an insult to my wealth… I really don’t want to be here right now, but I’m forced to be so…), that model competition show where she read that girl to tears and the other judges, just an astounding career from a formidable woman. She can throw a phone at me anytime. Naomi Campbell’s walk is so acclaimed that even her falls (Vivienne Westwood) are major. Thank you for showing us how to kill the game. What I’ve learned from her the most, is know your worth and put people in their place if they try you. Photos: Naomi’s Insta