Selena Gomez Is L’Wren Scott

Hailey, Hailey, Hailey, so full of shit she’s starting to believe her own lies. First off Scooter Braun prevented Justin Bieber from being deported through this marriage, let’s not pretend it love. How did they get there? Hailey like Melanie Hamrick used black magic to make it so. This is why he didn’t sign a prenup. Hailey is just as obsessed with Selena Gomez as Melanie ugly Hamrick is with L’wren Scott. Both deals involved children, I’ll leave Justin to wonder. Her coven, the Kardashian Jenner West family helped. Melanie’s murder rape baby is on his death bed, while Hailey’s is altogether a different deal. Mick Jagger and Justin Bieber both started having health problems after being black magicked into relationships. I suppose it’s one of the side effects.

Selena like L’wren is successful and talented, Emmy nominated, Grammy’s, successful businesses, her and Justin would have been a true power couple. Justin wanted to marry her, she turned him down, thanks to Hailey and her deal with the devil. Death doesn’t have to be involved for a soul exchange. No one keeps talking about it except you. And I’m afraid Selena is too kind, you deserve every bad word spoken about you. You racist demonic troll. You are pretty which is why your career skyrocketed, but not supermodel pretty with that squat neck. Gigi, Kendall (also used black magic and surgery, cause with that nose and acne riddled structureless face supermodel where?) and Bella were miles ahead, you needed Justin to catch up. Melanie is too ugly for her career to go anywhere, even with a legend, but Hailey isn’t.

I can’t wait to expose you. Your troll accounts. Your racism. Your deal with the devil, because taking away anyone’s freewill is indeed that. I’m going to annihilate the Biebers. Poor Justin, lost the love of his life due to his black magic wife. Can you hear me cackling hoe? You soon will. Via: Entertainment Tonight