Natalie Portman X SNL

This still makes me laugh!!! In honor of the Oscar’s tonight here’s a video of the talented and ravishing Natalie Portman. She deserved that Oscar win for Black Swan.

Diahann Carroll

Last Friday, African American pioneer Diahann Carroll passed away. Succumbing to cancer, after a long battle. The Oscar nominated, Tony award winning actress was the first to portray a non-stereotypical role, of an African American woman on television. As Dominque Devereaux, she played the multi-millionaire half-sister of Dynasty’s Blake Carrington. Decked to the nines in jewels and furs, the Bronx native broke barriers, by defying the poverty stricken colored woman. She was the first black woman to win a best actress Tony, for No Strings; rounding out her accolades is her Academy Award nomination for Claudine.

I best remember her as Whitley Gilbert’s high maintenance, higher standards, overbearing wealthy mother, on A Different World. Dwayne working tirelessly to gain her approval.

Thank you beautiful, black, queen, for paving the way for every contemporary actress. For allowing them to see a version of themselves previously implausible. Might go as Dominque for Halloween this year.

Three’s A Crowd

Each of these Oscar winning women are worthy of their awards. A former lady stripped of her riches, Emma Stone seeks the council of her cousin Rachel Weisz, who resides in the Queen’s court. A complex, enthralling performance given by Olivia Coleman.

One night Emma Stone stumbles upon some rather interesting intel, when she finds out the true nature of Coleman’s and Weisz’ character’s relationship. She uses it as an opportunity to climb the social ladder, no longer wanting to be a house servant. She will do anything necessary to return to high society. Anything goes when these cousins engage in full on warfare to be The Favorite.

A cinematic masterpiece, filmed brilliantly, well written, complex psyche of the characters and their relationship to power, versus ethics. Also note the calculated symbolism throughout the film. Peep the bunnies.

Special shout out to Emma Stone who starred in flicks The House Bunny and Superbad, but managed to escape type casting like contemporary Anna Faris. Well done sis.