Male Harness Madness

“You’re into fashion, what do you think of this?”

My friend screenshot a photo of this male harness on some rapper, juxtaposed with the photo of Michael B Jordan above. I googled it immediately, finding the internet in an ambivalent tizzy over this Louis Vuitton accessory. Personally I love it, but a statement piece must be worn carefully. Michael B Jordan didn’t wear it properly AT ALL.

First off there is entirely TOO much going on: between the harness, the lapels of the jacket, the color scheme of it all together (the white shirt, the floral print, the black AND navy jacket), is too busy! Although I believe it best not to wear this harness with a jacket, if it’s to be done Chadwick Boseman did that. The harmonious color scheme emphasizes the structural element of the outfit, light architectural, effortless, chic.

Timothée Chalamet, now he gets it perfecto! He wears it sans jacket, which is the proper way, if any. This is a statement piece, if you’re in a jacket, you have to be committed to keeping that layer on, no matter what. This gets awkward if overheated. He keeps it simple in black and lets the harness do it’s work as the focal point. He even gives it a little razzle dazzle with the glitter. Simply elegant. Definitely solidifying himself as a style icon. Who wore it best to you? Photo: Getty Images

Chalamet Chic Baby

I was minding my entire business, when Timothée Chalamet personally attacked me with his glow up. He’s always been beautiful, but his swag level is heading off the charts. His clothes are so chic, edgy and well thought-out, as demonstrated in the second look. The red checkered pattern on the pant, the black leather cuff of the jacket (inverse of colors), bring the blazer and pant together. He plays with gender fluidity in the manner of a subtle dandy, the billowy blouse, the diaphanous sweater. Details darling. C’est maqnifique. Photos: VMAN Magazine, Getty Images and Entertainment Weekly

Paint Splattered Tuxedo

Oscar nominated actor and real life sweetheart, Timothée Chalamet rocking a paint splattered Canadian tuxedo. Ripped directly from the runway of designer Sterling Ruby. A vision, so cool, edgy and aloof. Photo: Khitam Jabr