How The Kardashian Jenners Got My Info

Now you Hollweirdos are starting to see exactly what you aligned yourselves with. You think the government gives a fuck about your opinions, when they’re watching how you treated me. When they’re receiving all the evidence of your harassing, stalking, bullying, committing a hate crime against a Goddess. A war Goddess. Had I been killed this entire place would have ended in the style of apocalyptic movies, you fucking idiots. Your opinions are worthless, satanic assholes. You are the reason the world is ending. Going on and on about wars, hurting innocent people, you guys already do that to children in your satanic rituals for power. You allowed me to be tortured, believing I was a nobody right? That you wouldn’t get caught, keep the same fucking energy. You pissed off a war Goddess, what exactly did you expect to happen? Peace? I showed you what I was and you continued to invalidate and disrespect me, now for many of you it’s too late, you will burn eternally in hell. Be turned into a lesson for the world to see, because you had three years. My compassion gone. I want blood, I’ll have blood and if you anger me anymore things will indeed get worse.

Part of why you’re so stupid, is due to this family, the Kardashian Jenners, satanic for centuries. Thanks to Kekel Kardashian. The reason Kanye changed into an antisemitic, white supremacist, from a civil rights activist. Talentless, attention seeking racists, black magicking people into a following. Lying, cheating, stealing, getting people above them to do as they say and now you’ll all pay. I’m the only divine until I turn my twin into one and birth deities, you are mere mortals. I decide your fate. Incarnating as a black woman, the original people you’ve oppressed, what you discredit most, to see your true colors. And boy do I see. I’m going to continue having fun with you, at your expense.

My mother removed my personal information offline ages ago, which is why the Kardashian Jenners had to break into the dark web to get it. Thanks to my former employer, Genc Jakupi, stalking me for half a decade, all of my alerts are on. After coming to my page on troll accounts, which I’ve posted on my social media and will repost here, they took it a step further. Getting my personal info to harass me every day for years from Google and burner numbers, made up emails. Probably would have showed up to my home, if this were still my address. Thanks to Genc I take precautions, which saved my ass.

Mick Jagger (his real name is Michael for the posers ie Housewives) was my fiancé at the time, my ultimate idol, loved him my entire life. Naturally I told him everything, we were deeply in love. Sending him all the stuff they were doing to me, Mick warns me multiple times to be careful with this family. Fearing for my safety. Even telling me Melanie ugly af Hamrick is evil like them (read Single White FeMel(anie Hamrick)).
Melanie is a stalker, murderer and rapist, also sold her soul to the devil. At the time neither Mick, nor myself knew about her L’wren Scott black magic rape. L’wren didn’t come to me until June 2021. What Melanie raggedy Anne Hamrick was doing thus far, only he knows.

The Kardashian Jenners attempt to break into my IRS account in February of 2021.

I send it to Mick and he BEGS me, to stay away from them. I assured him I’m the one to be feared. I’m a Goddess, in what world am I afraid of them? I swear Mick can be such an idiot. That’s why he’s in this mess, because he seemed to falsely believe he too could overtake a literal divine. Stupid, arrogant Hollyweirdos. Look where it’s gotten you all? Trust I’m just beginning, y’all gonna learn. I’m also queen witch by bloodline. Which is why everything works in my favor.

There are two Hollywoods: one where they show the public what’s best for their image, since you pay them, you make them rich. That’s why they’re so against cancel culture, a term they use to gaslit you from holding them accountable. Then there’s the insider circle, where the celebrities know what’s going on for real. Everyone knew I was with Mick (read Kendall Jenner Is A Stalker Troll), everyone knew about Harvey Weinstein, Jeff Epstein, everyone knew what the Kardashian Jenners were about. That’s why he told me to be careful. Side note: they successfully broke into my friends instagram.

The devil has come to collect. All of you will pay what you owe. A universal law, you reap what you sow. I’m a war Goddess, you don’t win. As you’re seeing. That’s why the two main devils collections aligning everyone with them, the Kardashian Jenner West and Melanie ratty Hamrick, came to me. People get sent to me when they’re evil as sin and support evil, exhausting all chances of redemption. Everything I posted was public, down to legal documents. You all continued to encourage them, save your excuses. You only have regrets, because you got caught. You’re innately racist, Uncle Tom, evil, hateful people.
Our ancestors passed those stories down, be it bible, myth, or folklore, parables survived for a reason. Now times up, like Lot’s wife. Pillar of salt for hubris. This is why the devil is a lie, nobody’s friend and you are fools. Enjoy your time. Don’t makes excuses, you will fall where you align. The wicked punished, the good blessed. Karma. Xoxo Athena Via: People Magazine & Jaquana Cornelius

Kylie Jenner Gets Meg Thee Stallion

A lot of y’all aren’t curious enough, lazy when your lives and souls depend on it. All the evidence is there, if you bothered to do the work. Merely keep up with what I’m saying. I posted Stalli by Meg Thee Stallion as a Late Night Jam, something I’ve been doing so long I use to be the only hashtag on FB. This post was on June 11th 2020. About a month later Kylie Jenner decided to hang out with her, as they’ve been stalking and harassing me for years. Side note: proof of them knowing about this blog is on my main insta account, Itsjqboo. Pinned is Khloe Kardashian liking a post I created praising her. It’s also here, Why The Kardashian Jenner West Drama Started.

Below you’ll find what happened, after Torey Lanez and Meg Thee Stallion left Kylie’s house, to the present moment.
Photo 1: Torey shoots Meg after they exit Kylie’s weird jacuzzi party.
Photo 2-3: Kylie Jenner post her own foot the very next day.
Photo 4: After Torey is sentenced to ten years for shooting Meg, remorseless Kylie throws shade by showing support for Torey.

That’s because Meg was a satanic sacrifice gone awry (read Why Kim, Kanye & Kylie Dress Demonic and The Richest Kardashian Jenners…). Torey is adamant he didn’t shoot Meg Thee Stallion, because of whatever satanic shit Kylie did to him. At first I couldn’t tell if he was in on it, now I know he wasn’t. Just a pawn in an evil white woman’s game. Even looking at the scene of them on the street is insane, him spread out like that, her half naked, screaming. Mind you I told Meg prior to watch her energy, ask her. Two black lives ruined reputation wise and Kylie walks away unscathed.

Kylie was jealous of Megan’s friendship with Jordyn Woods, when I posted about her talent it sent Kylie over the edge with envy. Making me feel personally responsible for this incident. Which is why Meg got the justice she deserved, while you guys invalidated a black woman. Like you did me- a Goddess, like you did Nene Leakes for Bethenny Frankel. Despite the legal system concurring. What does that say about you? Nothing good, that’s why I’m going to make you pay for disrespecting the people you evolved from. I don’t play that Uncle Tom shit, and I’m the only divine in this bitch, so What’s.Up?

She worshipped Jordyn and only stopped being friends with her due to Khloe Kardashian’s delusions. As a former fan watching Life With Kylie, it was all her and Woods 24/7, irking her family. They clearly didn’t like that Woods was her priority over them, in a friendship that seemed far more intimate than that. Girlfriends much? Getting married, talking about living on a farm together, the sexual tension in the car, when Kylie tells Jordyn not to put space between them. A wedge caused by the appearance of Kris Jenner and them. They were so rude to Jordyn on that show. Made crazier by the fact that her fake billionaire status was exposed after ditching Jordyn, her blessing, with her family being the block.

Oh there’s much more to come. They way I documented this satanic coven stalking, harassing, and copying me is wild. They purposely try to drag people I love to hell, at one point checking my follow list daily. The universe has given the green light to share, I’ll be doing exactly that later today. This too started with a Late Night Jam. Actually all their most recent relationships can be tied back to me. I’ll show you. The devil always comes to collect. Xoxo Athena. Via: Meg Thee Stallion insta, Jaquana Cornelius, The Sun, UK Times & Jordyn Woods

The Most Majestic Bob

Khloe has had some major hair looks, but this one is hands down my favorite of all time. This bob screams Dynasty, she’s ready to throw down with Dominque and them. It’s glamour, sophistication, chic. This is a woman who shits gold. EPIC EPIC EPIC look. All she needs is a lavish necklace and a single oversized diamond encrusted cross earring, that states, “Yeah I’ll drag you, but I’m still of the lord.” Do you love it, or prefer her other styles? Photos: Khloe Kardashian Insta