The Real Housewives Reckoning…

Has yet to come babies. It’s really what I’m going to do to them. I spy with my Goddess eye, three basic bitches who are clout chasing white supremacists, that support domestic violence, sex trafficking, racism and Satan. I paper trailed you idiots. I’m going to ruin your lives, don’t forget Cynthia Bailey’s. I’m going to enjoy doing it too. You need to learn your nobody places. Your kids are your problem, you should have thought of them when you were being hateful. I don’t give a fuck about any of you. At the right time I’m going to start uploading your evidence. Know you places nobody bitches, Garcelle barely had a career until Housewives of Beverly Hills resurrected it. She’s an disgrace to Haitians, the first people to free ourselves from slavery.
Enjoy your time, Sutton the constipated crab and Crystal the innovator Minkoff, I didn’t know saggy diaper was a face shape until you appeared. All of them go, or everyone goes. Try me, you’re already seeing it. Xoxo Athena. Via: Entertainment Tonight

This Is Paris


A documentary created consciously, with thought. The hotel heiress proves again, that she’s one of the most fascinating people you will ever see. Personally I’ve watched everything Paris has done, including The World According To Paris. The way she cursed out Brooke Sheen I knew she was a New Yorker, when angry we don’t mince words.

This Is Paris is so relatable I started to freak out: the trust issues, believing abuse was love, dumbing myself down for other people to be comfortable, putting on a mask so when you get hurt it hurts less (after all they were tearing down the facade, not who you really are). I didn’t expect my heart to break, but it was always very obvious to me that Paris is highly intelligent. To be the architect is to be ten steps ahead. I watched her build TMZ on her back with her equally enthralling crew. God those were the days, we still reminisce about them now.

This is a moving masterpiece, one that reminds you not to judge, that women are more than objects and vulnerability is strength. I just wanted to jump through the screen and hug her, as well as those who suffered abuse at Camp Provo.

Three unexpected features that steal the show:

  1. Kathy Hilton’s Outfits: Whatever that silver get up was when she was decorating the Christmas tree, I NEED it. Glamorous as per Pisces female usual.
  2. Nicky Hilton: Just a real one. Sage, gangster and grounded. A regal energy you can’t take your eyes off of.
  3. Sheeraz Hassan: Just wanted to pick his brain. Super intelligent.

Thank you for reminding us that being human is to be imperfect. Showing us your scars has healed others and elevated your beauty, now it shines from within. Via: Youtube Originals

Paris Hilton As A Vibe

Confidence: A feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities.

Photos: God Bless Fake Tans & Paris 2000s

Quarantined Friday’s

Suddenly Paris Hilton’s downstairs nightclub makes so much sense. While the rest of us will dance in our respective living rooms, she will be at her personal club living her life. Major. Enjoy this time, no use wasting the most valued currency being down. Be grateful. Get your freak on, just six feet away from everyone else is all. Photo: Pop Cult Princess

The Bad Girls Who Made TMZ

TMZ would be NOTHING, NOTHING without this bad girl trifecta. A lot of girls want to be about that life, but they just can’t compare to 2007 Paris, Nicole and Lindsay. I mean you couldn’t ask for better entertainment than these rockstars living their truth, extensively chronicled by TMZ.

Paris Fucking Hilton– An innovator. The first person to turn being famous, for being famous into an empire. That beautiful bird like, chiseled jawed, man-eating waif used her socialite skills to make millions (in addition to family money). You couldn’t turn on a television, flip a magazine, turn on the radio, breathe, blink, sneeze, without seeing this woman everywhere. Three super sexy mugshots in, for multiple offenses ranging from drug possession, to driving with an invalid license didn’t stop this bad bitch from living her life. Watching her and Lindsay squabble though the paparazzi was just the bees knees. I feel bad for all who didn’t witness in real time Lilo asking the paps to leave her and Paris alone the day after saying she’s a bitch who hit her. Golden age.

Nicole Got Damn Richie– Another gorgeous, chiseled faced, bird like goddess. Rock and roll royalty at it’s finest, the way she partied was her birthright. Nikki Fresh now a mother of two married to Good Charlotte’s Joel Madden furthering the rock lineage, was one of the baddest to ever rule. That sharp tongue slashed any basic bitch who dared try her. Two mugshots in for driving with a revoked license, drug possession and my favorite, riding down the wrong side of the Los Angeles freeway (I mean can you imagine). The demise of her friendship with life long partner in crime Paris Hilton broke my heart. The original Jordyn and Kylie…tear. Nicole the stylish, was the funniest of the trio by far. No fucks were given by this one ever.

Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay Lohan– Was at the top of the world at one point. The most sought after actress with Mean Girls and Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen under her belt. Nobody danced on a bar top with their mother better than this ginger haired vixen. To be honest she seemed like the root of most of their arguments. A sweeping six mugshots in, her shenanigans were the most outlandish, high kicking in a parking lot in the dead of night was not as bizarre as when she kidnapped those men. Lohan jumped behind the wheel and took the hell off. None of the men knew her personally, she didn’t know them at all. Scared for their lives as she exceeded the speed limit, one of them risked it all jumping out of the vehicle while in motion. A stellar performance.

Now I am not condoning going to jail, buying drugs, or consuming the flesh of men, but I’ve done all of it and I have no regrets. I think every girl should have a moment to unleash their inner rockstar. There is something to be said about women who do whatever the hell they want. We praise men for the same behavior. We always talk about the bad boys, what about the bad bitches? There is no one way to be a woman, despite the mental restraints society pushes on us to be subservient. Which baddie is your spirit animal? Photos via: Trashy 2006, Early 2000 Babes and Slip Silk Pillow

Time Stands Still

When you’re just trying to get through the last hours of the work week, so you can do you. You keep looking at the clock, but time seemingly stands still. Raise your hand if this is you currently? Photo: Cyber F4iry