RIP Angus Cloud

A lot of people have died these last few weeks, true legends. I know Angus Cloud didn’t reach that status of iconography, but he was a part of one of the greatest pieces of art ever created- Euphoria. This whole time I was worried about something happening to Fezco, the character he played, not him. I can’t imagine the show without him, he’s such an integral part. What a loss of talent, beauty, and style. He stayed here as long as he could tolerate. How you feel is everything, sometimes the world, the grief it’s too heavy. Too heavy to see the light through darkness. If you’re suffering from burdens too hard to bear, reach out, let others carry you into the next day. Rest in peace Angus. Via: Vogue

Bedazzle Your Eyes

Honestly have fun in your life, even if it’s the small things. Pamper yourself, push yourself, express yourself with the same confidence as the Euphoria cast going to class. Having suffered from anxiety in the past I know standing out can be overwhelming. DO IT ANYWAYS. STOP SHRINKING TO MAKE OTHER PEOPLE COMFORTABLE. Go put on some colorful eyeshadow and some rhinestones bitch. Wing you fucking eye, bedazzle your eyebrows. Do you need to loosen up and leave your comfort zone? Which eye is your favorite? Via: AlexaS0ul

Work Week With Maddy Perez

The beginning of a beautiful work week, hopefully you’re doing something you love. Also don’t be that co-worker, pay attention, it’s like that person in class who asks a question that’s already been answered. Meanwhile everyone got they bags packed ready to leave. Via: Sunday.Scaries

Factual Euphoria Memes

WTF in this case means “where the f*ck” are Maddie’s school belongings? I literally thought the same thing, doing the math in my head like: even if she keeps everything in her locker, this is an in between classes moment, she should still have notes from wherever she came from…
Rue’s steps also match my heart rate watching that episode. How accurate are these memes tho? Via: Shy Guy 118_ & Euphorias Tweets

Dear Zendaya,

Where do you get off wearing virtually a brown ass paper bag potato sack while radiating beauty? Where does it end with you? HOW? I have never in my life…it’s just when do you stop being beautiful and multi-talented? I demand answers now, explain yourself! P.S I stalked your mom by accident and am equally obsessed with her maybe more so, she’s cool af. She is the caption Queen. Can I hang out with her one day? I mean honestly guys do you think Zendaya is from here, or a super hot being from some other galaxy? Via: Zendaya

Zendaya For Vogue Australia

Making clear that this isn’t a celebrity site. I am not going to do birthday tributes to everyone, nor do I follow a fraction of the people I adore on social media. If I did my number would be astronomical. There are so many artists I love: Ava DuVernay, Steve Carrell, Selma Hayek, Viola Davis…I show my support in other ways. Spreading the art, the work, the clip that made me laugh, the song. My level of film, iconoclast, literature, music…knowledge is esoteric. Art is how I live. How crazy do those people look with 100 followers, but following 7,000? Still Zendaya moved me in Euphoria and that transition from child star to an adult one is perilous. This is my favorite shoot, because it’s pure art. Is anybody ready for season two?

Make Up Museum! Yay!

It’s coming, it’s coming, it’s coming! May 2020 in the Meatpacking District of New York City. I love make up, it’s a form of art and self expression. I’m not heavy into the contouring and doing a million layers, but still. What is your favorite decade of make up? I think for me it has to be now, because they have proper skin tones for all. Also Euphoria should have a whole exhibit. Otherwise, I really love the 70’s, I love the night life, I love to boogie. Give me glitter, give me jewel tones, give me iridescence.

In Honor Of Zendaya

Today is Zendaya’s birthday. Transitioning from a Disney child star to a serious actress can be an onerous task. Zendaya taking on the role of drug addicted, bi-polar Rue, a role just as challenging as this career shift, did it with grace.

Euphoria is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. It’s cinematically beautiful, especially the homage they did to Alfred Hitchcocks ‘Strangers On A Train’, referenced in the carnival episode, well written, brilliant plot lines and an amazing cast. They use music in a way that classical composers like Bach created the genre to be (the chords in the song being the story itself).

This is genuinely refined art to the highest degree. So in honor of her birthday do yourself a favor and watch this shit. Binge it, thank you Zendaya for existing.