Work Week With Maddy Perez

The beginning of a beautiful work week, hopefully you’re doing something you love. Also don’t be that co-worker, pay attention, it’s like that person in class who asks a question that’s already been answered. Meanwhile everyone got they bags packed ready to leave. Via: Sunday.Scaries

Monday Is For…

Figuring out wtf I want to do with the rest of my week in a productive, organized manner and having the discipline to execute said goals and chugging coffee while I do it. How do you Monday? Could the beginning of your week use a shift of perspective or circumstance? Photographer: Arthur Elgort

Sunny Bloom Inspiration

Look at Monday as a chance to start anew. Hit those goals, set new ones, enjoy a fresh start. Push yourself. How do you view the beginning of the work week, with dread or optimism? Change the narrative and look to each day with hope.