Crack Is Wack!

Coming back to the city from school trips and passing this mural, all of us gawking through the rented luxury bus windows. With limited time left Keith Haring created as much as he could, statements that had meaning, art that would last. How will you serve your purpose this week? What is your purpose? Via: Everett Sanctuary (1986)

Monday Motivation

A dreaded day it was, until we got locked down in a pandemic. All the things we took for granted stripped away. I’ve decided this day for me will serve as a reminder to live my purpose. What a beautiful thing to do. What is the purpose of you? Via: Milkshake Patchwork

Breaking Bad Habits

Chugging coffee continuously, trying to get back to a normal sleeping pattern. This is how I spent my afternoon post nap. I go to sleep so incredibly late now, it drives me bananas. Is anyone else experiencing bad sleeping habits due to quarantine? Photo: Feather Down Soul

Quelle Fête Facade Installation

Monday sponsored by Saatchi Gallery. An artist collaboration by Robin Stam, Joeri Horstink and Erik Schilp.

A Fresh Start

In this one lifetime where you get to be you, do the things you’re passionate about. So many people settle for security, with no outlet for the things they love, leaving them crestfallen.