Melanie Hamrick Has No Career L’wren Did

L’wren Scott’s career includes modeling, because she’s gorgeous. Having been a muse for the likes of many including Thierry Mugler, just like equally gorgeous Jerry Hall.
L’wren directed videos for hip hop artist, working with: Rev Run, Diddy, Mase, Salt N Peppa, Snoop, Keith Murray & Onyx on Santa Baby (she directed more of course). She also styled videos for the likes of Jennifer Lopez, the above photo is from hit song Ain’t It Funny.
L’wren designed entire sets for campaigns, like Absolut Versace, a collaboration between the vodka company and fashion brand.
L’wren did costume design for films, shoots, styled major celebrities from Penelope Cruz to Meryl Streep. On the red carpet, or for editorials.
L’wren was Keith Haring’s muse in the 80’s due to her height and beauty.
L’wren was the first style director for the Oscars in 2000’s.
L’wren had her own fashion company and many celebrity clients and friends. Despite ugly Melanie Hamrick’s black magic lies it was successful enough for her to leave her fortune with Mick Jagger of $9 million. A net worth Melanie the secret lesbian will never reach, meaning she will be indebted to me in my lawsuit, while in prison.

Melanie is Siradjdjoud, commenting under L’wren’s birthday tribute, which is why Mick didn’t post one to his page, but to his stories this year. She can’t help herself and he doesn’t want that murder rape baby, who thanks to Melanie will be gone soon, like his entire line. She openly states she killed L’wren Scott. Also her stories don’t add up, because she can’t keep her lies straight (read: How Melanie Hamrick “Met” Mick). Also Mick doesn’t remember as Ronnie Wood confirms (read: Why Ronnie Woods Family Is My Favorite). If L’wren knew and suffered from depression why didn’t she change her will, the way Mick did his with your not inheriting anything, ugly, weirdo, soon to be dead due to you devil deal ass? Please note this isn’t her first time pretending to speak a different language (read: Melanie Hamrick As Anna Maria Grassani). Melanie was never the star, which is why Daily Mail will be held accountable for journalistic integrity, whatever she says they print due to payment. When was she ever the principal dancer (read: Melanie Hamrick Still Trying To Be Lwren Scott bye Sally Wood you’re hell bound with your kids early, terrible parent)? Never, she said that after I called her out for having no career. Who offered her a deal? No one, because no one cares about her. She’s ugly, and collects child support, she pays people to publish lies with that money, which is soon to be mine. She has no other suitors due to being ugly and Mick would never pick her, especially over successful L’wren. She’s a nobody background dancer with a deformed face. I will be posting more of our convo’s (Mick and me) to put this ugly, murderer, rapist in her place. Enjoy prison felon. I’ll also post more troll accounts. Siradjdjoud screenshots taken Feb 19th 2022. Mick’s family, his kid, white trash who deserve all that’s coming. Via: L’wren. Scott

Pick A Crew: Prince & MJ Or Haring & Basquiat

Weekend hangout are you meeting up with the legendary musicians, or iconic artists?

Via: The_1990s_World & Zan Zane Eyewear

Happy L’Wren Scott Day

Again wait until I post the full story next month to use these receipts. In honor of Melanie Hamrick’s birthday, this is now L’wren Scott Day. Again Mick and I have been dating for almost a year, there was no house purchased on her behalf. ALL HER STORIES ARE FAKE. She pays them to run stories she writes herself.

My gifts are a blessing and a curse. You didn’t see L’wren’s final moments, I did. When in a trance she took her life, when her soul fought to get back into her body, confused, distraught, weeping, realizing she could not comeback. When she floated over loved ones on her way out. She did not want to go.

Like I said the women Mick go for are well connected, well dressed, beautiful and have a star quality. Where between Melanie and her sister, Rachel, do you see any of those attributes? Neither come from money, neither were known before coming up off Mick Jagger, neither of them were principal ballerina, both of them have uneven faces. Youth alone is NOT enough to sway Mick Jagger, who can get younger and prettier. Via: Lwren Scott Archives

Crack Is Wack!

Coming back to the city from school trips and passing this mural, all of us gawking through the rented luxury bus windows. With limited time left Keith Haring created as much as he could, statements that had meaning, art that would last. How will you serve your purpose this week? What is your purpose? Via: Everett Sanctuary (1986)