Halloween Inspo: Grace Jones

Another style icon, Grace Jones is an androgynous bad bitch. Perfect for a jaw dropping Halloween costume. Here are a few of her legendary looks. Everything about her is signature, meaning you’ll stand out no matter what, and you’ll have fun doing it. If glamorous seductress is your vibe she’s it. Just know she’ll always be cooler than you, because Keith Haring painted her body and not yours. Which are your wearing? Via: ObanJeans, Richie Kingdom, Jean Paul Goude, Disco_Bizzarro, WMag & Alexis Michelle Official

My Favorite Artists Are Hispanic

I was today years old when I realized my favorite artists of all time are Hispanic. Gathering content for Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month, I instantly thought about Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. The subject of my art dissertation. Dissecting her art has always been something I love, her paintings are a diary chronicling her arduous life. A pillar of strength and perseverance, she experienced and survived unimaginable physical, mental, and emotional pain. I’m livid to have missed her immersive art exhibit. As iconic as she is, many people don’t know her, causing the exhibit to end early as opposed to Claude Monet’s.
Once I had to tell this ignorant white Australian girl who she is. I went to Cubby Hole with my friend who claimed I only did gay things, not lesbian things to support her. Insert eye roll. Anyways we met these Australian tourists. The girl laughed at my name, micro aggression, then stopped realizing nothing was funny. We got on the topic of my paper and I told her about Frida, she found this an odd name too. After I chastised her about not knowing one of the most famous artist of all time, it quickly dawned on her that she’s uncultured. She felt sheepish, explaining life back home was white af. That night she learned she had a lot to learn and it wasn’t cool, cute, or funny. I on the other hand learned I’m New York af, in that pretentious Manhattanite way. I was serving you’re uncultured swine energy in her direction. She caught the vibe.

Next is my Haitian twin Jean Michel Basquiat, his mother is Puerto Rican. His art is less a diary and more of a social commentary. His iconic crown adorns my body and many others. So many people have it tattooed I might do a piece on it. He’s one of my spirit guides and the only person to experience an upbringing similar to mine, especially socially. Both of us outliers of systemic racism education wise. A New York classic.

These are the artists I post the most. Brooding Hispanics, with signature styles that make them classic Halloween costumes, as well as icons. Fascinating, inspiring lives. Extremely talented. Cool af. Have you seen any of their exhibits? Via: Real Frida Kahlo, Basquiat Official, Frida Kahlo, Innovate Grant & Fondation Beyeler

Mood: Date Night Lil Kim

Are you Classy Kim or Sassy Kim tonight?

Crush On You video is a Halloween costume classic and iconic af.

Via: Black.WomensWorld & The Clout Media

Halloween Inspo: The Isley Brothers

No group on planet Earth, past or present is/was more swagged out than the Isley Brothers. PERIOD. The furs, crotched blouses, sans shirts, layered necklaces, hats, gold lamé suits, suits in general, fringe, bold colors, rings… an amalgamation of textiles and fabrics unrestrained by gender norms. Ron Isley is still swaged out to this day. I kiss the ring. A great group Halloween costume (think I’ll be starting this segment early this year, love October, don’t all witches?). Which Isley Brothers song is your favorite? Via: The Isley Brothers_Retro

‘Pour It Up’ Video Gives Me LIFE

Rihanna is so fucking hot in the Pour It Up video, this is major Halloween costume vibes. Jesus she’s fine as hell, and she wonders why we’re desperate for new music. You can’t get us hooked then abandon us like this. She wasn’t lying all she see’s is signs, all she see’s is dollar signs. Fenty has made her the youngest self-made billionaire (a real one without fraudulent documentation like two women in a certain family…no shade). Give us opulence, decadence, glamour, zero fucks given. Is this her sexiest video to date? Via: Vevo

Happy Belated Birthday Slash

Rock God. Hair God. Sex God. Classic Halloween costume. Guitar hero, and one of my best air guitar impressions. Happy belated Slash with your fine ass, you were born cool and have an affinity with snakes. Snakes symbolize many things rebirth, fertility, evil people around you, destroyer, protector, etc…it really depends on the culture and species of snake. Anyways happy birthday icon, what’s your favorite Slash creation? Via: Whore4Slash & Slash Legacy

Why “Kiss” By Prince Is The Sexiest Video Ever

First of all he looks fine in a crop top, that showcases his toned arms and rock hard abs. Both him and the guitarist are styled to t in androgynous, gender fluid, glamour. This pair should be a Halloween costume.

Prince is so fine, so sexy, the guitarist can’t even keep it together. She’s literally biting her lip she’s so aroused.

Minute 2:35, when Prince does this dance that screams stamina. Is anyone else pregnant?

Taking the lead in the dance routine, like the rockstar he was. Raw animal magnetism, high alpha daddy vibes.

Words aren’t necessary. The epitome of sexy.