Halloween Inspo: The Isley Brothers

No group on planet Earth, past or present is/was more swagged out than the Isley Brothers. PERIOD. The furs, crotched blouses, sans shirts, layered necklaces, hats, gold lamé suits, suits in general, fringe, bold colors, rings… an amalgamation of textiles and fabrics unrestrained by gender norms. Ron Isley is still swaged out to this day. I kiss the ring. A great group Halloween costume (think I’ll be starting this segment early this year, love October, don’t all witches?). Which Isley Brothers song is your favorite? Via: The Isley Brothers_Retro

Happy Birthday Ron & Biggie

May 21st, one birthday two legends, a ton of talent. Happy birthday Ron Isley and Biggie Smalls. It’s clear they both make spectacular music, but the real question is who has more swag? Via: The Isley Brothers & 90s Hip Hop