Melanie Hamrick As Anna Maria Grassani

Now from what I’ve seen she totally stole this account from a facebook user she either knows as they are affiliated through Italy like many of her associate, or she just stole it. I’ve seen her make troll accounts similar to real people to be plausible. Notice Janet Gudino stopped commenting after I exposed her on facebook, but she won’t delete the account as not to incriminate herself…AGAIN. Mentally unstable, at some point she has a psychotic break and starts commenting the same thing over the course of several days.

Personally I don’t care where you align, you see this right here? That’s me connecting to someone’s energy and finding all their stuff. Do you think your opinions or actions matter to me? No they only serve as your downfall. Everything I’ve said has been accurate and coming into fruition. Nothing is going to stop divine order and the rule of dark magic. You take, you get it back multiplied. Nothing is going to stop the karma the Jagger’s and co have accrued for horrific behavior. Wait, watch and see. Everything occurs in divine timing and I’m often ahead since I can see into the future. Your fates are just catching up. Good luck. She is still stalking me, but blocking her is pointless she’ll only make another account. Lwren’s justice will be served so will mine, that’s just reaping what you sow. When’s the last time something karmic happened to you good, or bad?