Everyday Essential Beverages

My every day drinking essentials for surviving this thing called adulthood. God bless coffee and wine. Two cups a day keeps a cranky bitch at bay. Both sophisticated complex drinks. Their origins and care before reaching your tastebuds is incredibly important. I use to love sugary coffee and sweet wine, my palette matured, now I prefer dark roast and dry wine thanks. How do you like your drinks? Artist: Cartoons By Hilary

Monday Is For…

Figuring out wtf I want to do with the rest of my week in a productive, organized manner and having the discipline to execute said goals and chugging coffee while I do it. How do you Monday? Could the beginning of your week use a shift of perspective or circumstance? Photographer: Arthur Elgort

The Way I Miss Coffee…

Right now is wild. This is easily the longest energetic shift I have ever had, it usually only last two weeks. I had to give up coffee for the time being and I miss it so, so bad. Nothing is better than that first sip hitting your tastebuds, that moment your brain wakes up and everything can be done. I miss the smell…What simple pleasure are you missing today? Via: Rip Tears

Breaking Bad Habits

Chugging coffee continuously, trying to get back to a normal sleeping pattern. This is how I spent my afternoon post nap. I go to sleep so incredibly late now, it drives me bananas. Is anyone else experiencing bad sleeping habits due to quarantine? Photo: Feather Down Soul