I’m Holding Back

What if I weren’t as tough and strong to handle the bullying? This is something I think to myself everyday. What if it were just the wrong moment, if I were going through something devastating and couldn’t take anymore. What if you basic bitches made it so dark I couldn’t stand to live another day? Did you think those things when you decided through some kind of bullshit delusion that I had no value? Because I’m not a diluted, debased attention whore, who doesn’t love herself so I need constant validation to feel noticed? To put people down to feel power. Make no mistake I don’t feel bad for a single person who decided racial trolling was okay. You had it coming. Who the fuck do you think you are to treat people in such a manner, to co-sign it? All of you are trash and trust me I’m holding back. Black women are not a punching bag and you all belong where you’re headed. Do you think I care? Did you? Via: Okay Nevermind

Monday W.I.P

Monday motivation, remember we are all continuous works in progress. You are complete (hopefully if healed), but can always do better. It’s the journey not the destination you imperfect being. In what ways do you feel complete? In what ways are you unfinished? What do you want to work on today (big or small)? Via: Okay Nevermind

My Eyes Light Up

Some people make your eyes light up and warm your heart. Others give you the feeling of the food runner walking right by you, to another table, when you were positive it was your time. Those people are the worst. How do you feel when you see your food coming? Are you with someone who makes you feel that happy? Via: Okay Nevermind