Kurt Cobain’s Stupidity Sentiments

Do you research, or accept what is told to you?
Do you investigate, or do you fall for what they want you to see, the land of illusion?
If you don’t question everything, probe for answers, I’m afraid you’re one those dumb humans.

Via: Song4TheDeaf

Happy Birthday Dave Grohl

Major renaissance man, went from playing the drums in Nirvana, to founder, vocalist and guitarist of the Foo Fighters. Extremely humbled and low key about his iconic status. Thank you Dave.
I just want to say actors don’t need healing in their industry, they didn’t let influencers ravish their field like a plague of locusts. They know their worth and who has no business in their craft, or social circle. That’s why I don’t focus on them, not anyone can just be hanging out with Meryl Streep or Denzel Washington. What’s your favorite Dave Grohl song? Via: Hippie Dip

My Eyes Light Up

Some people make your eyes light up and warm your heart. Others give you the feeling of the food runner walking right by you, to another table, when you were positive it was your time. Those people are the worst. How do you feel when you see your food coming? Are you with someone who makes you feel that happy? Via: Okay Nevermind