Kurt Cobain’s Stupidity Sentiments

Do you research, or accept what is told to you?
Do you investigate, or do you fall for what they want you to see, the land of illusion?
If you don’t question everything, probe for answers, I’m afraid you’re one those dumb humans.

Via: Song4TheDeaf

Entries From Marilyn & Kurt

Diary entries of Marilyn Monroe (top) and Kurt Cobain (bottom). People are the problem. If we learned to respect each other, living in compassion rather than ego, the world would be a far better place. If you forget how peep Kurt’s list. Treat other’s how you want to be treated. Via: Nighty Drunk Lovers & Rock N Rebellion

Kurt Cobain Diary Entry

Thank you Kurt Cobain for the stark reality. Another art form stolen from black people. Yet the Grammys and MTV tried to bar us. Photo: Retro Journal