Iconic Embraces: Nicks & Grohl

It’s only me who
Wants to wrap
Around your dreams.

Via: 90’s Vertigo

RIP Taylor Hawkins

The end of an era. Between tears of acceptance, I Google in disbelief, hoping it’ll be a fluke, that a truly bright light didn’t get extinguished. Listening to The Foo Fighters isn’t helping, I’ve always air drummed to their songs, trying to embody the pure energetic joy of Taylor Hawkins. He was so filled with life, charisma, levity, talent, compassion, his absence is felt by the world. At one point in elementary school I thought him and Dave Grohl were brothers. Taylor, you are beautiful inside and out, no matter the gender. I took days to write this because I wasn’t ready. An icon, a legend, pure magic, rest in beats. We miss you. Via: Jenn D Photography, Rhythm Magazine and Foo Fighter Rule

Happy Birthday Dave Grohl

Major renaissance man, went from playing the drums in Nirvana, to founder, vocalist and guitarist of the Foo Fighters. Extremely humbled and low key about his iconic status. Thank you Dave.
I just want to say actors don’t need healing in their industry, they didn’t let influencers ravish their field like a plague of locusts. They know their worth and who has no business in their craft, or social circle. That’s why I don’t focus on them, not anyone can just be hanging out with Meryl Streep or Denzel Washington. What’s your favorite Dave Grohl song? Via: Hippie Dip