Your Crush Is Coming…

Act Natural.

The most AWKWARD thing I ever did in front of a crush: seventh grade I left something in my desk, I went back to my last class to retrieve it. Unbeknownst to me my crush sat in the same spot. In front of the whole class my left eye started twitching uncontrollably. The closer I got to him the worse it became, I was mortified. That’s never happened before, or since. A hot ass mess. What’s the most embarrassing thing you did in front of someone you liked? Via: Music Ain’t Dead

Exhausted Energy

I don’t know voodoo, but I am an energy witch which leaves me exhausted. Drained, because everything is energy. To be transferred and not destroyed.

One of my abilities is to read energy, which means I can see future outcomes. It also means what looks like madness to other people, is a method of the universe with me as it’s tool. There are boundaries, thing I am allowed to say, things I am not. Things I am allowed to do, things I am not. If I do not follow it to the letter there will be dire consequences, sometimes that can be frustrating, because I don’t understand why and am not meant to understand until later. None of that matters, what matters is I am not to break the boundaries set by the source under ANY circumstance.
Via: Disco Decade